🎮 UE4 Replication – Part 2: Game Instances – Unreal Engine


🎮 Unreal Engine Replication Series – Part 2: Game Instances

In part 2 of our replication tutorial series, we are introduced to the idea of game instances – not to be confused with the “Game Instance” class that’s built in Unreal but the idea of multiple instances of the game running on different machines (clients vs. server). We use the practical example of sprinting to really help us understand some fundamental multiplayer concepts when it comes to replication and communication between game instances.

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  1. Phenomenal, but I think just for your own sanity you could have less animations. But the presentation made it really easy to understand the concepts!

  2. You know what? I think I know what I feel by watching your videos… I feel like I was being teached by Rick Sanchez…

  3. It’s still not safe the way you’re doing it as you are assuming “run on server” (the authority) is always “a server / not a player” while this is not true. You should always do a #1 is-server node check (bool) or #2 has authority node even before letting the authoritative “server / owner” change a value. Other than that nice tutorial.

  4. Your tutorials are very helpful and visuals are absolutely great what a brilliant way of teaching. Thank you so much.

  5. It seems to be quite troublesome where we always need to duplicate the code twice for client side and RPC. Is there any ways to simplify this process?

  6. if it's so freaking easy to ban anyone one who speed hacks, WHY DONT PUBG BAN HACKERS INSTANTLY? It's so annoying.

  7. Please NEVER stop making those videos, they are more informative than 99.99% of all videos about UE4 replication on the net, and are comedy gold too 😀

    PS: those graphs are gold, they make it rly easy to understand stuff

  8. this was amazing, even the tip of verifying information that the client sends was fucking amazing! holy shit keep it up man, i'm no beginner, i would say i'm above-beginner (slightly) and this helped me out tremendously for thinking ahead for not trusting clients, i didn't know of such a great way to stave off hackers xD i sense a lot of bans in my games future xD


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