🔥Stable Android 10💥 Lineage OS 17.1 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus Note 8 (4K)


Hey there, This is my review on Lineage OS 17.1 Android 10 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8. If you like to watch more of these videos please subscribe and dont forget to smash that like button!

Download Links:
Lineage OS ROM (XDA main page):
Magisk zip file:

Video Links:
Root S8/S8+:
Stable Lineage OS for S8/S8+:
Unroot S8 S8+:

Watch the video till the very end to avoid misinformation/mistakes. If you have any questions please drop a comment i will be more than happy to answer your questions.

My gear:

Camera: Sony A7iii
Lens: Sony FE 28mm F2 Lens
Tripod: Vanguard Espod 203AGH
Audio recorder: Zoon H1N
Mic: Boya M1 lavalier mic
Video editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
Audio editing software: Adobe Audition CC 2019

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  1. Samsung phones are good but just a 2-year major update is allowed. Thus, making us look for alternatives in order to cope up with OS upgrades.

  2. if you format data you lose modem and your signal get lost,i was searching 4 days how to get original firmware and samobile is not an option,this site give you original files at high speed,just put your imei and get everything ,,https://www.imei.info/,,

  3. Hello. Awesome video. I subscribed. I have a Verizon Samsung S8+ with snapdragon 835 in this phone.

    I was wondering if this would work on my phone as well?

    If it would work and for some reason would need to put original software back on and unroot, would that be possible? I don't foresee me doing that but thought I would ask.

    I also use puretalkusa for cell service and would manually need to add their access point name, would I be able to do that on the new rom?

    Thank you for your time.

  4. After a month of use, this room make my phone slower, many animations get freeze and not responding.
    Instagram take like 2-3 second to open, maps 4-5 second, facebook something get freeze until i block the phone and wait.
    Idk what happen or what can i do to workaround this, i really like the look and the overall smooth, but 2-3 second freeze sometimes is not great.

  5. i using extendedUI, it based on AOSP, the best battery life and perfomance with some customisation

  6. Work fine,but picture in screen is not so good.White color is bad and the brigtness is not so good.Samsung galaxy s8+

  7. Installed on Galaxy note 8 … working fine… Thanks for excellent video with description…
    Great job

  8. But of course you will still have your battery capped at 80 percent… If only there was a way around that I would root my note8 in a heartbeat

  9. I am getting this error in twrp, during root process and installing rom
    can i ignore it?
    I always get the error message "failed to mount / preload" in the twrp

  10. Please please PLEASE! Don't do this! I did it, and everything worked initially on my Samsung S8+, BUT, just a couple of hours later, all hell broke lose: my Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch stopped pairing, the Gear Wearable app refused to run, the camera was taking pictures, but not videos, and had no access to the SD card. Had to do LOTS of things in Magisk Props just to get the phone usable… I know this good man meant well, but clearly is not something that will work for everybody. Now I'm trying my best to unroot the phone, as I also lost Samsung DEX after doing this.


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