1 Hour Gamer Grind Mix #1


1 Hour Gaming Grind Mix for when you are on the grind in that special game of yours.

—————-SONG LIST——————
1.(0:00-4:05) Krale-Frontier
2.(4:06-8:25) Alan Walker – Fade
3.(8:26-11:15) DM Galaxy – Bad Motives ft. Aloma Steele
4.(11:16-15:14)Electronic Vibes ft. Mime – Don’t Leave Me
5.(15:15-19:07) Elliot Berger – The Nameless
6.(19:08-23:01)Fall for Gravity Ft. Nathan Brumley
7.(23:02-26:02)Janji – Together (Feat. Vivien)
8.(26:03-29:14)Janji feat. TR – Milky Way Stars
9.(29:15-33:58) Lensko – Cetus
10.(33:59-38:33) Lensko – Circles
11.(38:32-42:37) Mendum – Stay With Me (Krys Talk Remix)R
12.(42:38-47:39) Milton Keynes (VIP) – Jarvis
13.(47:40-51:24) Music Predators-Adventure Time
14.(51:25-56:04) The Eden Project – Lost
15.(56:05-1:00:00)Ramzoid – Electron (Original Mix)
16.(1:01:00-1:05:22) Young Ones (feat. Jeremy Fowler)

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  1. geting from 2020 we are going to die soon xD
    i use this music so i can grind for 5 days cuz on discord i looped it

  2. age of empires 2, the original game that cae out 20 years ago, i am still playing it solo or with my dad, nice memories since i have played it for 5 years now 🙂 he around 10 i think

  3. God. I cannot find a decent playlist for shit. Are you sure you're not confusing grinding with playing barbie house?

  4. The picture is a message sent to us by the artist who came from the future, this is what we're heading for with the new corona virus (of course just kidding, don't be a lunatic to believe we'll actually run around killing zombies)


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