10 INSANE PS4 Hacks That Will Improve YOUR GAME!


PS4 + PS4 Pro Hacks You Gotta Try. These hacks will definitely improve your game!

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PS4 HACKS AND UPGRADES. The PS4 is already a great console, but fans have made it even better with some crazy hacks and upgrades that completely change the way you play!

This is TheGamer’s list of the 10 Most Creative PlayStation 4 Hacks That Improved The Console (PS4).

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The PS4 is one of Sony’s most innovative systems, but gamers have found ways to take advantage of the console and do even more with the design. Over the past few years, we’ve seen some pretty impressive hacks, modifications and upgrades to both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. See all of these hacks and ways you can completely change your console! Want to play the PS4 on the go? Consider upgrading to a PS4 Playbook. The custom design features a mix between a PS4 console and a laptop computer monitor. No need to fight over the TV or worry about purchasing a Nintendo Switch with this impressive upgrade.

Go back to the old days with the Game Genie or GameShark which gave us some great cheat options for games. The PS4 Cheater is a hack tool to give you unlimited lives and access to various game features and hacks. The DualShock 4 controller is pretty impressive, but gamers have done even better with the upgraded SCUF Infinity 4PS controller. Sleeker controls make the device easy to use while playing. Want to look at something different each time you start up the PS4? Add the PS4 UI Editor to your console and enjoy all the changes that come with it. If you loved playing the free monthly PS Plus games, turn back time and access the games again thanks to a special hack which changes the clock on your PS4 console. Watch to see all of these hacks and several others that’ll make you want to completely transform your PS4!


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  1. you sound like BRAH DUDE GET ON CALL OF DUTY! BRAH!
    you don't sound nerdy at all, you sound like you studied a script.

  2. You talk about homebrew and dont make it clear you have to have a softmodded ps4, very uninformative. Wouldn't show anyone this.

  3. chanel: “the gamer”
    content: hacks to “improve”
    other game youtubers: guys if u hack u are destroying the game
    “the gamer”: hacks improve your game, remember buying magazines for cheat codes??

    whats ur objective? make people hack??

  4. Why does everyone care so much about the gameplay clips? Y'all act like dude is claiming it's his content. Calm down it's not that serious


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