10 Video Game Cliches That Need To Die


Why are there only four sub-bosses every developer uses?!

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  1. idk, I certainly don't think they should get read of the "eagle eye" modes because they're useful for some players…. maybe that's a noob thing to say but at least a few games I can think of give you the option of turning it off – or you can choose not to use it – and I think that's good enough. leave it in for those who want it.

  2. imagine telling people how to make a game without offering any type of creativity yourself. tell me what would you have as the "new" zombies? nothing? didnt think so.

  3. Started watching – but got to first one and had to comment – how can you compare Last of Us with Witcher…. first off, LoU isn’t a father-daughter game… it’s a “family is more than blood” game… and while strictly speaking Ciri is more an adopted daughter, TW3 almost has no father-daughter dynamic in-game. Geralt is searching for Ciri but except for the very end there is limited interaction. These are not the same cliches at all. If anything, Gerald spends more time searching for Yennifer than really searching for Cirilla.

  4. I like crafting as long as it remains a bonus mechanic and not as a means of artificially increasing the length of the game..

  5. Ron Swanson said “don’t half ass two things, full ass one thing”, got that quote completely wrong WhatCulture

  6. Number 6 is kinda dumb. The color coded system is perfectly fine and there’s truly no other way to do it that would make sense.

  7. I dont think ive seen detective modes in anything other that a few assassins creed games the last of us and batman

  8. IMHO, the only game that did stealth well was the Thief trilogy. This was the only game where you had to maintain total awareness of how much noise you were making, how well-lit or exposed the area was, and most of all, having to scout and listen for the guard and creature patrols so you were not the one caught off-guard. Heck, in the 3rd installment, passing between a guard and a lit torch would cast a shadow on the ground, alerting the guard to your presence. Oh, and there were no in-game stats / gear to improve your stealth abilities; all this was completely based on the player's skill and attention. No other game before or since has implemented such a system.

  9. Since God of War came out I played the story almost a dozen times and I honestly have no idea why parkour-able ledges have those marks.

    God of war also did the power lost thing very well

  10. That listening mode is essential. Last of us without it sucks because its harder to identify the zombies especially since they're so invincible to bullets

  11. the cliche of every goddamn "u only have a few seconds time left to finish this mission" has to die immediately ^^

  12. About the color coding system of loot
    That it is still being used and it has the same colors isn't because it's a cliche, it's because it's familiar, people recognize it quickly and it's easier to grasp when you are learning the game, just the same reason we have the same window based operative system for PCs, it's because it's familiar, therefore easy to understand, try to change it and people will be confused and maybe even pissed, it has happened, remember when windows got rid of the start menu?

  13. I actually like the item crafting. Makes you wonder if the drop is going to be useful or valuable later on… most times, they aren't.

  14. Mob AI in general, such as a field of creatures all in eye/ear shot watching their brethren get farmed to death, or worst of all, high security compounds were somehow assaults remain localized to rooms and corridors without the whole facility immediately going into code red lock down.

  15. I’d be fine with the tall grass stealth mechanic if it only worked based on the clothing you wear. For example, say what you wear determines how well you blend in with a given background. White blends in best with snow, black during the night, green in foliage, and so on. Instead, in games like Assassin’s Creed, you could be wearing a rainbow outfit with a glittering sword out and you won’t be seen.

  16. There is an irony in WhatCulture saying games are very similar when they keep rehashing the same videos over and over again just using different titles.

  17. I don't really see the problem in most of those if they are well-implemented, some are even necessary to ensure a good gameplay like remarking the climbing areas to not have your player bored of trying in every-single-wall or high block. This would be a good video if you guys point what you think would be some kind of solution in each case, otherwise, it makes you look like you're only whining about bc of views, or that maybe you're lazy writers.

  18. I think the crafting thing is to give people the opportunity to "customize" even though most people end up in the same idea in the end for thier builds.


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