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All I want to know is if I give it to you now
Are you down with a woman like me , cause I’m
Looking for somebody that could really hold it down
Hold my crown, ain’t a clown, get a check nike
Said Im feisty, Shiesty, men don’t entice me
He said Im a gem in his eye, he a pieces
Bounce back hit the rack like Serena
Plus I got a really nice like Selena
Oh Caliente, Muy soy fuego
Soy genuino, Nunco no juego
Bilingual, you get my lingo
I don’t wanna turn this feature to a single
Better know that I want you tho
Always have what I want, it ain’t optional
Im illogical, you’re an obstacle
Little waist thick chick Kim possible

Pre Chorus

Baby there you go again
Testing all my patience
Baby Ima tell you when
Love to keep you waiting
Anticipation , don’t lose concentration
cause when I’m falling for ya
you know that


This ain’t typical, gotta let you know
Got me doing crazy (Whoa chant)
Boy I should’ve known
I blame it on you
I blame it on you
Should’ve thought it through
but I blame it on you (I blame it all on you)
This Ain’t typical, More than physical
Got me doing crazy (Whoa chant)
I ain’t did before
I blame it on you
I blame it on you
Should’ve thought it through
But I blame in on you (I blame it all on you)

Verse 2

Shame on me, But I blame it on you
Little black dress on, Better come through
Know Ive been around, I heard you have too
I can see it now, Take a trip to Peru
Just driving, Riding, no time fighting
Hips so Biggie call me Hypnotizing
I can be the cure to your curiosity
Well be getting that, hitting that
Let you take a sip of that
Drip that, make you zip that
No chit chat
Got my own though , I don’t want your cash-app
Show me off, better put me on your Snapchat
No discussion, when you get to touching
Now you got me blushing, like we high school crushing
I got the funds, you got someone you can trust in
Blood rush to your head, love concussion

Pre Chorus Repeat

Chorus Repeat


Oh baby cant you see that I want you
Oh baby, cant you see that I need you
I made my mind up, cause when we link up
You hold it down wont mess around
Because I need you
Need ya , Need ya,
I just wanna please ya
I got a visa, fly to Ibiza
Make you feel like you in first class
Red heels, better come here fast
You know that I don’t play,
But I love the thrill and chase
Just stick around,
Ill show you now how much I need you



Oh Yeah, I blame it on you
Yeah I should’ve thought it through
You got me like
I blame it on you, baby
Should’ve thought it through (X2)
I said baby there you go again
Baby there you go again
Baby there you go again, testing all my patience
I blame it on you
I said baby there you go again, testing all my patience

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  1. Wtf out of everyone I did not expect her to be more successful then the other rappers. I knew Jadakiss was right when he said she’d be the most popular just because she was white

  2. Youare beautiful
    You are strong
    You are intelligent
    You are great
    You are wanted
    You are blessed
    Because you are You

    Hey guys I’m a teenage upcoming artist check me out! Thank you❤️

  3. Tally And Jasmine next big thing and the rap game Sister Tallis Instagram brought me here I saw Sneak peek of the song On Instagram


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