5 Free Games Like Factorio! (PC, 2020)


Here’s 5 great free games like Factorio! Five indie games for single & multiplayer, free to download for PC in March 2020. Defacto, Dig N Rig, Mindustry & more.
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More of the best indie games from Randomise User! In this video looking at 5 great free games like Factorio 2020 we check out single and multiplayer logistics and factory building games, all of which are smaller indie games. We play Defacto, Dig N Rig, Mindustry, Ranch Tycoon and wildcare choice Super Fancy Factory Mania.

Download these 5 free games like Factorio for PC:
Dig N Rig:
Ranch Tycoon:
Super Fancy Factory Mania:

Watch Mindustry gameplay:

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  1. 1. Mindustry
    2. Dig'N'Rig
    3. Ranch Tyccon
    4. Super Fancy Factory Mania
    5. Defacto

    Here's the ranking free factorio games

  2. This page on the wiki is another great resource of games. https://wiki.factorio.com/Factorio:About#What_is_the_game_inspired_by.3F

  3. Thanks a lot by mentioning Ranch Tycoon! The version you played is really early but we are working hard on the rework and will launch a demo as soon as possible. Thanks again, Eskimo Studios

  4. The first one is the closest one to factorio, i tried it on mobile but didnt like it that much. If you havent played factorio before i fully recommend it, its still only 25$


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