90s Children's Computer Games: Madeline's European Adventures (1/6)


Hello viewers, this video is the first in a series I would like to call “90s Children’s Computer Games” (Probably not the best of names, but it’ll do for now). Is there a nostalgic craving you have for your childhood games? Have you searched everywhere on youtube for gameplay, and unable to get satisfying results? Well look no further than “90s Children’s Computer Games”!
To start things up, I bring to you all “Madeline’s European Adventures.” Enjoy!
I encourage open discussion in the comments section as long as the comments are appropriate.
I don’t own anything in this video, I am just preserving this game in the youtube archives for nostalgic and discussive purposes.
“Madeline’s European Adventures” is owned by Creative Wonders
(I’ve been experimenting with recording software for this video, and I believe I will stick to Bandicam for this series)

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  1. I still have the game disc but it won't work on nowadays computing systems,
    so it's very nice to see it again even though I ain' the one playin' it.

    aahh, the nostalgia..

  2. My brothers, sisters, and I played this game so much back in the day. I kinda feel sad now because I am older (27) and I am not as innocent like I was as a child. But at least I know a lot more as well, and hopefully one day when I have children will be able to provide them just as happy a childhood as I had. 😢😭😔😊

  3. I never played this game, but I'm curious.. Does anyone recognize that girly laugh when the Vortex Media Arts logo shows? I swear I've heard from another girly game before.

  4. I remember playing this when I was 5 years old. I’m 27 now 😩 it brings back memories of my innocent childhood

  5. Omg I'm 26 years old now and this brings me back so much I loved this game!!! This has actually made my night! Thank u!

  6. Pretty sure this game was responsible for me: Marrying a European, Moving to Europe, Being Obsessed with Cats, Being Obsessed with Traveling and Being Obsessed with Chocolate…. seriously though the nostalgia….

  7. I remember playing this game a long time ago, and over the years a bit after my parents got divorced it was hard remembering this game but I'm glad that someone posted it up

  8. I need to play this game right fucking now. I'm 24 lmao ugh. 😭 where can I find this so my daughter can play???? Anyone??

  9. As I kid I had all the games, until my parents gave away one copy because it was too young for me. I now don't have a complete collection.


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