Arcade Game: Tapper/Root Beer Tapper (1983 Midway)


A Miscellaneous game where bartender, the player must serve beer to the ever-thirsty patrons that populate his bar. All customers must be served before they work their way up to the beer kegs. Empty glasses must also be collected before they slide off the end of the bar and smash to the floor. Extra points are awarded for collecting tips, while bonus rounds involve locating the one beer that has not been shaken, and serving it. The game features 4 different levels :
1. Cowboys
2. Athletes
3. Punk Rockers
4. Aliens

Note: This game originally was going to use digitized sprites but never made to the final version. Used invincibility cheat after down to last life as a result, you’ll see beer glasses floating across the air in screen. Also used the serve only 1 beer cheat to complete levels in the later levels. The game is endless.

Different versions of the game were shown. Budweiser, Suntory (Japanese Beer) starts at 56:01, and Root Beer Tapper starts at 1:06:30.


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  1. I played this game 1984 in berlin in "alice wonderland" ku'damm; shame, i want to watch real, not cheaters.

  2. What's with the crazy "floating mode" that player triggers when they are on their last life?

    I have never been able to make it to the alien bar level. Nice to see that.

  3. I started liking this game recently when I play the mini Atari flashback 9, although the graphics on the arcade version are better. On the atari 2600 version it uses a Mountain Dew sign rather than Budweiser. It's weird by today's standards to see beer and tobacco ads in video games back in the 80's. The arcade version of Pole Position has a Marlboro sign by the road side.

  4. Its isn't root beer. Its beer. Kids had an unfiltered life before liberals fucked up present youth and made them into common core pussies.

  5. 7:56 I'm surprised Budweiser was okay with having their logos this level, of course the executives who played the game before approving it probably never got this far.

  6. I came here looking for my youth and this game!!!!!!!! I can't believe this is posted and it's everywhere on the web. My family had an Anheuser-Busch Dist. and we had one of these machines. I remember playing it every day after school and late in the hours at our warehouse. Then one day, it was gone………! Sent out on the road to all the bars and taverns never to be seen again. I remember getting to the end once or twice to enter my name as a record holder!

  7. That's the only thing I could never stand about this game. It becomes way too hard after just 3 rounds.

  8. It depended upon the establishment the game was in…Bars generally got the Bud version (or Suntory), while game arcades got the root beer version, sans the licensed beer logos and jingles – although I have been told there was a rare Coca Cola version on arcade (with Coke jingle) as well as MD for 2600 game system…They all played the same…

  9. Sponsored by Budweiser. (Mountain Dew on the 2600.)

    BTW, as Strong Bad would say, "The Cheat… is grounded!"


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