ASMR Torture [Headphones Recommended] – Ten Minute Power Hour

Lets us talk all nice like right in your ears (;

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39 thoughts on “ASMR Torture [Headphones Recommended] – Ten Minute Power Hour

  1. The bad thing about this is that my right earbud is broken so all I could hear was Arin the entire time

  2. I like asmr
    I dont often get tingles but it does help me relax and sleep.
    I usually get tingles from music more than anything.

  3. I was so mad because the ears were backwards and It was disorienting, then I realized I could switch my headphones and I’ve never felt so stupid

  4. I didn't give permission for Dan and Arin to assault my ears like this, and the worst part is

    I don't think Ross did either

  5. is it not infuriating to anyone else how much louder arin’s mic is than dan’s? or does my right ear just not work as well as my left.

  6. Arin: Your taking a trip into a hair salon
    Dan: I'm gonna tap on some rocks, because that's how we do it at this spa
    Me: Hold on…What just happened?

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