ASUS ROG Strix GL703 Laptop Part 3 – Belarc, ROG Gaming Center, Display Color Management and NVMe


ASUS ROG Strix GL703 Part 3 – Belarc Advisor, ROG Gaming Center, Display Color Management and NVMe Specs
Part 1 – ASUS ROG Strix GL703 Laptop – Unboxing and Setup

Part 2 – ASUS ROG Strix GL703 Laptop – Networking Configuration and Ninite

ASUS USA – ROG Strix GL703 | Gaming Laptop Specifications –
ASUS USA – ROG Strix GL703 | Gaming Laptop PDF Manual –

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  1. Hello from Greece . I have a problem with my new Asus laptop: G731GU. After reinstalling win10 (64bit), the game visual application does not work. Sometimes I get the message that I need an upgrade, so I choose "ok" but nothing happens and sometimes I get the message that the application is not compatible with the current screen settings! I've done all the necessary graphics upgrades (intel(R)UHD graphics 630 as well as the 1660Ti (Nvidia Geforce Experience)), but to no avail. Any help please?

  2. How can i get setting for fan overbost and other setting at the below of rog gaming center… Can anyone help me?

  3. Hi
    Dear BuildOrBuy
    i have Asus Scar 3 i want to ask about the turbo mode it only works when I plug the laptop but if am using the battery it is not working it is says currently high performance not available
    may i know if you can help me in this point


  4. I'm surprised by how these integrated & dedicated drivers work and as you said we love our movies. Isn't there any workaround for using the dedicated card for any video players out there??

  5. Hey man, i got asus laptop gl703gs, i7-8750H with gtx1070 and 32GB ddr4 ram.
    The problem is GPU core clock is going up and down every second from 100mhz to 1200mhz, i have tried everything you could think off, nvidia control panel all set to high performance, repasting both cpu and gpu, reflushed bios, updated all drivers and windows os… But nothing changed the GPU core clock keeps on going up and down every second, cant play any game fps keeps shuttering, although gpu usage is 100% during games and cpu temp ~70c gpu temp ~50c, tried to lock the gpu clock with msi after burner but no change.
    Ive searched all over the internet but no clear answer man.
    Can you think of any solution that i messed ? Thanks in advance man

  6. I have a problem with drivers of my intel graphic card on my Asus gl703vm i can’t install the driver on my Win 10 64 bit i 7700 hq cpu even when i download the driver from asus support website, why i can’t understand the problem is… and i did’t look which model i have on my laptop i mean which Intel graphic card i have on it( because i deleted the drivers i wanted to install the new one for my nvidia which is 417 version), so know iam using only my external nvidia gtx 1060 3Gb video card on my laptop. I heard that there a problem with intel internal vga drivers installation on laptop with 7th generation cpus(which i have on my laptop) so how i can resolve the problem? thx a lot. I downloaded the drivers from asus website but when i install the intel driver it say there no minimal requirements for it to be installed something like that… so i don’t know what to do.


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