Automatic Image Builder Tool – The Pi Wizard


Checking out the Pi Wizard Tool for the Gamehat, Raspberry Pi 3 and 4, and the Odroid XU4.

**This video is for educational purposes and we are not associated with the Pi Wizard in any capacity

Odroid XU4:
Raspberry Pie 4 1.5GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie 3 1.4GHZ KIT |

–Preferred Amazon products–

— Preferred Pi Products —
Raspberry Pie 4 1.5GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie 3 1.4GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie 3 1.2GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie Zero W KIT |
512gb micro sd |
400gb micro sd |
256gb micro sd |
128gb micro sd |
64gb micro sd |
32gb micro sd |

— Preferred Pi Controllers —
8BitDo Flagship |
Do Everything Wireless Controller |
Classic SNES Style |
Slick Controller Wi U |
Serious Contender |
I’m broke but wanna game |
Killer Wired Controller |

Capture Card |
Computer |
WebCam |
Headset |
Mic |
Tripod |
Nice SLR Camera |
Nice SLR Camera Lens |
Keyboard |
Mouse |
Backdrop support |
Green Screen |

**This video is for educational purposes-


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  1. I want to say Thank You to DrewTalks for doing the review of the PI Wizard image. Im glad to answer any / all questions you might have and you can check out the website or on facebook /-

  2. I might also add that for Pro version they must add an account option where we are able to add the names of the selected Roms for downloading in the future as well. That way we can replicate the same on the future. And I want to be able to select atleast 2 systems at a time and leave it for downloading.

  3. There are a lot of problems with this. I was thinking that this would be automated process. But, this looks like a lot of work (back & forth). It's much easier to download packs from torrents like pi-piggies etc or emu*** sites for individual Roms. The only reason I see this being used is when your don't know anything about retropie. Like the time I first entered the scene. Still, won't be criticizing it much due to the low subscription fees. Anyone can afford it. And that's the best part. With that kind of fees if the process would be made more seamless then even I might consider buying it. Even though I might use it only once in its life time.

  4. Pretty cool. Might check it out. Nice and clean setup is what I like. Pi3 won’t be slowed down on this. Only concern is the charging idea. Lots of good creators share their image. But for someone who doesn't want to spend the time tinkering around, its a good option.

  5. I use to use the precursors Game Wizard program a few years ago till they got spooked by all the Nintendo lawsuits and their team split up. Believe Pi Wizard used to be a part of that. I’ve got an Odroid Xu4 laying around and have been meaning to try them out.

  6. Thanks for showcasing this. While it isn’t something I need to use, I think there are people who could benefit from it, and the cost of a donation is low. Of course, there will be plenty of people who disagree with the whole concept, and that’s their prerogative.


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