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Avengers Initiative This is the first update for Avengers Initiative iOS game that lets you play as Captain America!

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  1. Funny thing is that they were about to make the rest of the avengers dlc like captain America (iron man Thor Hawkeyes and black widow) but the game was too hard and horrible that they stopped making these

  2. y'know a more in depth version of this should have been made by sega for official consoles just like all the other MCU Phase 1 games … on ps3 I have Iron-Man 1&2 by sega, Incredible Hulk by sega, Captain America: Super Soldier by sega, and Thor :God Of Thunder by sega and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the Avengers video game, and the best we got is that crappy avengers street fighter which was only on the wii… if this game was developed better it could have been the official avengers video game taking place after the movie , and it would have been a fitting last edition to the MCU video games .

  3. I cant log in thru the game, any idea why? I have tried using my facebook log in & my playdom account but it rejects it…


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