Bakugan Tournament Final Match! | BAKU-SHOWDOWN


Baku-Showdown is the only Bakugan battling show featuring the craziest match-ups, the most skilled brawlers and weirdest battles you’ve ever seen! In this episode, it’s a battle between two well-known members of the Bakugan community – The finalists of the AA Pre-Release – Shogunate and GhostLights!

Check out my card opening video:

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  1. I started laughing uncontrollably when Jett mimics VK's voice lmao. "Hey brawlers, it's Ventus Knight here! Welcome to a new video of Super Brawl Sunday XD"

  2. can someone explain what happened to subterra? Also I haven't visited bakugan in a few years so things must have changed a LOT for me (I'm an old timer but not a pro gamer since I was too stupid back then)

  3. Did I hear the Ventus Arena music from the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers video game near the end of the second battle?

  4. Hey Jett! This was super entertaining! Practically my first video of a full game. I know the basics, but I'd like to know where to get started. You mention starters but they don't say anything about getting decks in them. Do you HAVE to buy boosters or can I buy 2 starters (or is there like a core set or what) and dive right into playing with a friend? Thanks man!

  5. I don't play Bakugan. In fact, I have no idea how to play. I watched this entire video because the shout-caster is hype as hell. Well done.

  6. This is probably one of my favorite if not my new favorite irl Bakugan Video on YouTube. 😁 JettKuso, I really gotta say, your videos are getting better and better in giant steps. 👍😊 You're an awesome Brawler and a real inspiration for so many Bakugan Brawlers including me. I hope you and all the other BakuMasters can make a cameo in the Bakugan Anime. You really deserve it. 😊

  7. hey Jett, i love your videos, you make great content and i shared your channel with some of my friends who love bakugan!

  8. Jett kuso: bakugan Brawl
    Oponent: bakugan Brawl
    Oponent:pirate bakugan stand
    Jett kuso: fans stand
    Oponent: nooooooo
    Jett kuso: fans use mega poraid
    Oponent: it can't be
    Jet kuso: i'm the man

  9. when the camera panned around to jett at 18:51 i was so shook because i thought he was the one holding the camera the entire time


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