Battle Beast Walkthrough + All Secrets [MS-DOS]



As requested I have made a Battle Beast Walkthrough with all hidden areas and little secrets bar one area with the General that you get on random.
I was going to make this a three part video but ended up editing them together as it wasn’t that long.
I may do a commentated walkthrough in the future.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Any suggestions, questions, requests, or ideas are welcome!


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  1. Haha, I also used to play this game as a kid. The way I could defeat the boss was with the green dinosaur guy's (I'm really unaware of his name) "scratch" move. It reaches quite far and has an effect of paralyzing the opponent for a very short moment. Repeating that over and over again always got me to the ending. xD

  2. When my Dad bought our first PC back in 95 there was this little cd booklet full of software and games. I remember playing Caesar II and this.

  3. This gane was one of my favourites. I am also looking for the name of a game, let me explain it to you, maybe someone can help me. So, the game is like this: You are a guy at the beach with a water gun and you need to splash girls so they will take of their bra.

    Does anybody know the name of it??

  4. Ah, man, I got this game for free with my first PC in 1997. Oh, the memories. Had to go find it again, since I remembered the tone and style of voice acting, but didn't speak English back when I played this game. I can hardly believe it's Maurice Lamarche as the voice of the Toadman – I would have thought he would have been too big for this sort of thing. Not that I'm complaining.

  5. I always loved this game since it first came out, and I wish it would come back out again! Maybe on the Switch or Steam or something.

  6. Awful game, like worse than the very first Street Fighter. Yet it looks good on screenshots (high resolution sprites) and the character designs are nice.
    I hope one day someone will rip all the graphics and then the game can be rebuilt in another engine, like Mugen, with a better gameplay.

  7. Well, this game is horrible, but the concept is cool and the voice acting is nice. I had the demo as a kid and could not even figure how to control the characters properly.

  8. 5:21 I'm concerned that DIDN'T happen after choosing the weapon, but rather when pressing left after you entered that chamber

  9. I've been looking for a showcase of all the Battle Beasts' moves, including special attacks, and what each of their guns looks like. Any chance you can make one anytime soon?

  10. Out of curiosity, how did you run this game? Since it is a 16-bit executable it simply does not run natively on 64-bit Windows. I personally play it by running Widows 3.1 under Dosbox.

  11. Wow, looking at how much damage the boss did to you with every hit, it looks like when I was a kid I played in max difficulty (the boss hit pretty hard) without noticing (at that age I didn't know about english), but even then I managed to defeat him in a not so "elegant" way: Vermin (the rat) has a technique where he uses his own head to hit you while stretching his neck; I just get in melee range (right next to him) and rapidly spam that technique over and over. Little could do the boss to get away from that trap, he recieved almost every of those hit and if he guarded himself it would still get some damage.

    Sadly, my favourite character is Nasator (blue dinosaur), but using Vermin was the ONLY way for me to defeat the boss (having 8 years old and without noticing it was in max difficulty of course) :<

  12. I remember i played that on My old pc since i was a kid. At the last stage. I couln't defeat that evil toad man. Atleas this was My first seen ending on this year. Sorry for bad english. ;w;

  13. I think I'll get this one at some point, if I can find one. They're not TOO dear in the UK.


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