Bleach TCG: Bankai Starter Deck(x3) and Booster Pack (x6) Opening (EPIC Pulls)


Welcome back youtube, in today’s video, I am very happy to share with you my Bleach Bankai unboxing where I open 3 Starter Decks and 6 booster packs.
The bankai set was the 4th set to be released in the tcg, and with over 280 cards to collect, it was also the largest set ever released. It was also the first set to include the now highly sought after Echo Autographed cards.
Some great characters to make appearances in this set are many of the 13 Court Guard Captains, Ichigo, Orihime, Hanataro, and many others.
These starter decks were so much fun to open, I would like to get more booster packs from this set sometime in the future.
Let me know who your favorite 13 Court Guard Captain is!


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  1. Never played myself wish I would of collected this game when it released very interesting cards and inserts i love Bleach.

  2. Hello, I was wonder if you have any doubles of signed cards you'd be willing to trade, and if so, what signed cards do already have?

  3. The I'm sorry that you put in your uncommon and common pile is a rare, pretty good card one of only two that will work against triggered effects. Also if you are needing any to complete your collection let me know I have tens of thousands of spare bleach cards. My group still plays weekly.

  4. Nice pull! I actually got lucky last year and bought a complete Bankai autograph set for a steal of a price on auction. My Byakuya is 059/163.


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