BUILD A THEME PARK | The Jurassic Make Off (ft. Game Grumps)

It’s The Jurassic Make Off, a Yogscast/Game Grumps collaboration where we make stuff in a tent. If you missed part one, watch it now:
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Ben (SORTEDFood):
Rhys Charles:


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21 thoughts on “BUILD A THEME PARK | The Jurassic Make Off (ft. Game Grumps)

  1. Love game grumps ❤️ wish they would’ve really tried though 😂😂😂 the other guys thing looks awesome 👌👌👌

  2. I think it would have been hilarious if the grompos dropped their park on their way to or from the presentation table

  3. everyones gonna have opinions about this collab, but jesus christ just keep it to yourself. there’s clearly laughter and enjoyment going on in this video and thats all that matters, don’t be so quick to judge people who are just doing what makes them happy.

  4. I love how Yogscast is being silly and goofy, and you expect things can't get worse….and then you see the Grumps, and you slowly realize there is an entire other TIER of incompetency.

  5. This is the most British thing ever, they look at the American entry and it's a fucking disaster, but they find a way to compliment it

  6. 18:48 hey arin don't worry its fine sometimes you win sometimes ya….
    18:52 oh oh he…. he is dead now….

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