CGRundertow READY 2 RUMBLE BOXING for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review


Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, developed and published by Midway for the Nintendo 64. The gloves are on for this cartoony boxing game with a zany attitude and offers a tribute to the Voice of Champions himself, Michael Buffer. Choose from a colorful roster of boxers from across the globe and go head to head against the computer or a friend in Arcade Mode or develop your own boxing gym and train a plethora of boxers to earn cash and move up in the rankings. This video review features video gameplay footage of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Eric.

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  1. Such a upset this game was made! The Dreamcast looked and played incredible, this trash was just pure ugly.

  2. i had this game it was sooooooo good the end sucks and i dont know how to unlock the other boxers but still good 😊👍

  3. This game were in fact horrible on dreamcast, seriously, the loading time were the longer i've seen in any fighting game.

  4. Best at not having a library of games. No where near as many classics as on the Nintendo 64. Face it. Graphics don't make a game.

  5. P.S: You delete your own text because it's embarrassing to correct a grammar with a grammar mistake (in your own language: remember, I speak español )?? Man, this is, and you are hilarious.

  6. when you said that something is"best" or "the best", you don't tolerate that someone try to put things on place.This is the "complex" dilema: "the best compare to what?". Can you see the point now? The voice syncing in Sonic it's really bad, even in japanese it's a poor job , but when you see a non important game that have better graphics on DC, it cares. You made your own rules, and that's why you can't see the point. Sonic and ConkerBFD are both great games, and the comparison exercise works.

  7. okay wait a minute it why are you talking about games on the console we weren't even discussing that, secondly who cares about voice syncing especially when most of the games on dreamcast came from japan…..also of course i have heard of these games as well as everyone else in the population but I really don't see your point

  8. Again: did you heard about Super Mario 64? Zelda Ocarina of Time? Perfect Dark? Conker's Bad Fur Day? Masterpices like Shenmue: search for Conker's Bad Fur Day Walkthrough Part – 25 on the youtube searcher and watch the best mouth animation I ever seen on an old rusty cartdrige: It looks better than the mouth animation on Sonic Adventure (one or two, that I already have)….

  9. "how to right with proper grammar?":you're awesome. A grammar mistake in that sentence! What a joke! My birth language it's español.I don't give a f..k about english.Only the basics that I learn by myself (french too, mademoiselle) I guess your spanish it's way better than my english, but I write with my pc, no "right" with it.Honestamente, es una pérdida de tiempo leer tus estupideces.Y llamarme ignorante por equis fecha "histórica" o potencia de una consola, divertido. Love your nickname story

  10. Beside I love Sega (I forgot to name PStar, Virtua F, Sonic, REVeronica) you name me a fan boy??? Did you see your own nickname, sonothehedgehog? The N64 lanched in 1996, but whas announced as Proyect Reality in 1993, but delayed 'cause Snes success, & many other factors. Let my panties quiet in the bunch, put DC in the gen that correspond (128 bits era, on-line consoles), because the direct competitors (in gen and hardwhere) where the PS2, the Gamecube and the X-box…and sleep with hedgehogs.

  11. I'm not a crazy fanboy, I like D.C and have one (love Shenmue). And whetever you said, N64 it's another gen. I'm not made that statement: Sell my N64 to get a D.C? For this game?? I love a lot of another games on that console, very superior that Midway stuff. Ask Namco. And Super Mario 64? Zelda Ocarina of Time? Perfect Dark? Conker's Bad Fur Day? You heard about that games? I think you didn't even know what a good N64 game is, but, all right, you beat me (put a nerdy voice): DREAMCAST IS BEST

  12. OMG: seriously? Maybe the 64 extra bits in the Dreamcast and the fact that this is a cart and not a GD-ROM, have a connection???? You rediscover the wheel again, man. Try to compare it to the Playstation one version, not with a console for the next gen of that era. I didn't like too much this game in any version, but try to be fair. I guess this it's better than the Game Boy Color version…. -_- There you go: that a fair comparasing. My god, hahaha.

  13. Wow, seriously, the graphics look pretty slick if ya' ask me. I thought for a sec that it was a later generation game.

  14. it may doesn't have as expresive and detailed character models, colorful graphics or the dremcast's controls, BUT I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR.

  15. I remember my dad surprized me once with a new ps one controler and this game. I Played it so much! It was very very very fun 🙂

  16. you do know the phrase : "get ready to rumble" is copyrighted.
    but since this is commentary its fair use so you're safe 😛

  17. I remember this game. I played it on a dreamcast demo disc back in 2000. Man, I miss the dreamcast.


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