Chicken Little Game – Longplay Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary) (Gamecube, Ps2, Xbox)


Chicken Little the video game, played on gamecube. In this game ya play a fripin chicken. Best part by far is turkey lurkey and his amazing quotes. Hope ya enjoy this longplay.

Gameplay recorded by Quaver

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  1. I couldnt go pass the level where that duck girl was on the ship. But Im getting this game again and im gonna get beating the whole game.

  2. I remember this game this game is the 4th best game I ever played
    and I was 5 years old when I played this I wish I still have it

  3. 2:13:40 i ran out of time just before crossing, i was so mad because it took me days and days of trying and this was the furthest i got. Was really sad i never got to finish or end it. Honestly im surprised i got that far as a kid

  4. 21:15 and 31:19 were the most nostalgic parts for me. I remember me as a child playing this (getting frustrated) early in the morning before probably the 2nd grade. Another nostalgic game is the Lilo And Stitch Game

  5. This game and Rachet and Clank was reasons my childhood was beautiful. I don't play anymore games but that was a masterpeace.

  6. Memories…. AHHHHHH but ur kinda bad xd… I used to grind it and be pro chicken(sarcasm i was 4 and couldnt pass a level by myself

  7. Bro the mission running from the chicken in the hallways and the space ship one was always the hardest for me🤣

  8. Here it is, a licenced game wich is actually better than the movie, seriosly, it is objectively better in any way…


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