Ciro Marchetti Triple-Deck Walkthrough: Tarot Grand Luxe, Legacy of the Divine & Tarot of Dreams


🥰 Thank you for watching #SupportiveTarot! I really enjoyed filming this comparison of all three of my Ciro Marchetti Tarot Decks: The Legacy of the Divine (one of my first Tarot decks ever), Tarot of Dreams, and his newest… Tarot Grand Luxe!

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  1. So interesting to see these decks together! Every time I use one of the decks, I think of an image from another deck that I'm fond of. If only they were all the same size I could make my dream deck 🙂 I just got the new edition of the Gilded Tarot Royale from Amazon because it has a guidebook by Barbara Moore (!). My deck is an older edition that came with a CD instead of a book lol – but it is larger, and gilded! And I'm probably going to order the Grand Luxe because it looks so nice, after I get the Encore off Etsy. Then I guess the only one I won't have is the Legacy of the Divine…. Thanks for a long, wonderful, review!

  2. My all-time fav is Divine legacy – hands down and I am SO excited that he put some of my favs in the Encore deck that i wanna order- I did like the Grand Lux when you flip-through them, but my heart broke each time it won in comparison to Divine Legacy. Tarot of dreams is a little dreamy…I work with coulors as well as symbols so for me the retrospective tarot is too pale… i am excited about new favs.or maybe not, who knows 😀 I am also super excited about Gilded Royal as I always felt the gilded was so baby and sis not speak to me, but now it has all grown up 😀 thank you for an awesome video !

  3. Thank you for such a comprehensive review. Everyone's take on cards is different and thats my objective that my images lend themselves to that flexibility , so its interesting to sometimes read of interpretations that I may not have initially intended, and thats also "intended". But if may provide some insight. The birds depicted on the Grand Luxe are not swans, but storks (Storks mate for life). The creatures on the Wheel, Rabbit, Lion and Monkey are very traditional, each represent the ideas of the cyclical nature of life luck destiny. I shall rule, I do rule, I did rule and at the bottom I never ruled (rather appropriate for me to place my initials). As for the lovers "mullet" LOL there is more to that than 70's style. The two lovers are actually the same person, the female and male of the same. I'll let you figure out who the model was, and you can read into that what you will.

  4. All the lovers cards are too hallmark romance for my liking. I love the magician from the tarot of dreams. Over all though, I really love the Art work of the newest deck and wish he hadn’t put that inner border there.

  5. A while ago I bought the Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw. With that book comes the Gilded Tarot, which is also created by Ciro Marchetti. When I first looked at this deck, it didn't quite appeal to me, but I didn't know why exactly. I haven't worked with this deck yet, but I look at it quite often. And I have to say that, now that I'm used to it, that I actually quite like it and that I would like to start using it some time soon! As for your three Marchetti decks…. I think I will go for the Tarot Grand Lux…..

  6. I haven't heard anyone mention the rat in the 10 of Cups (Luxe). As usual, I learned something new here and have now preordered the Encore deck. Aaargh. Great analysis!

  7. I loved your review and comparison of the three decks. My favorite is the Tarot Grand Lux too but did wonder about the 10 of cups card. The people, dress, and home seemed more current than of a different age or fantasy as the rest of the deck.

  8. Lisa, I just want to take all my favorite cards and make my own Ciro deck out of these.. Although not practical! LOL

  9. So nice. I only have ever worked with the Gilded Tarot, and I've not really connected with it — but I've kept it because I do think it's beautiful and it is the first deck I ever bought myself that wasn't RWS. But how did I miss that the Grand Luxe was available through US Games?! I don't know. But I do quite like that one now that I'm watching your walkthrough!

  10. My favourite is the middle deck but that death card…oh no the most ugly death card I have ever seen , some of his cards look like he created them on a bad day as they so different in my opinion to majority of his images that are so beautiful, thanks for posting, it was fun to watch 😁

  11. The grand luxe empress card was my reason for getting the deck, I think it’s my favourite empress ever. ❤️

  12. Thanks for the comparison! It really helped me make up my mind on the Tarot Grand Luxe. I want to like Ciro's art, but between the collage-y images, the realistic people, and the jester fool… I just can't. The colors are so vibrant, though!

  13. Only Lisa could make me sit through an hour video on 3 decks that I never plan to buy and still be so entertained that I watched from start to finish xD great flip throughs! Tarot Grand Luxe was my favorite!

  14. Thanks Lisa for the comparison. I love the Grand Luxe. I agree with you that U.S Games are sure stepping up their quality. 🙂 I have already pre-ordered the Encore Deck, It looks beautiful as well. Take Care and Blessed Be xx

  15. If you look really closely at Ciro's cards you will find some variation of his initials "CM" somewhere on every card.

  16. Great artwork, I have the Tarot of Dreams and love the guidebook Major Arcana explanation of the Fool’s journey, he explains that he is faceless as you can imagine your own face as the Fool. But that death card is my least favourite of all decks I own! 😊💕


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