Classic PS1 Game Reel Fishing on PS3 in HD 720p


“Video Quality Upscaled to HD 720p”
Reel Fishing (PS1 Disc) Being played on a PS3 250GB Slim or from the PSN Store only 5.99$ for your PS3 and PSP and PS Vita, I hope you enjoy the video.
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  1. I remember playing this so I looked for fishing games on the PS4 and found Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure. Bought that and it is nothing like this game. I’m glad it was on sale for $15. I honestly wish I could get my money back. I seem to spend more time hitting X through a story book. Boring.

  2. I heard this song and it almost sounded like it sampled this, all of sudden all the calm childhood hours came flooding back.
    As you can tell from the comments, Scotty you've done the community a service by letting us hear these sounds again.

  3. Thanks for the upload … everything in this game looks great except for the underwhelming side scrolling 2D fish fight action … if you want unbelievably realistic 3D underwater fish fight, try out "Cabela's Monster Bass". I've never seen a fishing game with more realistic fish fighting animation than this one … Just click on the following link to watch my huge "Monster Bad Boy" catch … Click right here to see it >>>>>

  4. My uncle had this game when I was a kid. He was super confused when I asked to borrow it, and to be fair so was I. XD
    I don't know, something about this game appealed to me and I really liked it. ¯(ツ)

  5. I remember renting this game from blockbuster… it was so relaxing to play this game and was amazed at how realistic the water looked

  6. This was one of the very first video games I got for the PS1. In addition to my first PS1 games, Crash Bandicoot 2.

  7. This game brings some old ass memories! I remember I was always bad at this game, and had no idea what I was doing, and my dad would always catch fish. This is so old yet so awesome!

  8. I always wondered who the old man was in the picture on the table. was he one of the games creators father or grandpa?

  9. Cant catch a fish to save my life Scotty and gang. The fish either snaps the line or gets away and leave the bait. What am I suppose to be doing to successfully catch one? Do I do anything with the D-Pad when they bite? or is it all X button? How do I know when the fish is tired or calm for me to reel in?

    I really want to enjoy this game for I think it is great so far but i am struggling to catch anything. Wish it had an in-game tutorial


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