Colosseum – How to play

The offical how to play video for Colosseum, designed by Wolfgang Kramer & Markus Lübke and and published by Tasty Minstrel Games

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00:00 Introduction
00:45 Game Setup
03:05 Game Overview
04:14 Phase 1
06:54 Phase 2
08:58 Star Performers
09:39 Phase 3
10:30 Phase 4
14:10 Phase 5
15:15 Special Tokens
16:28 End of Game


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9 thoughts on “Colosseum – How to play

  1. Thank you, very well done and concisely explained! My group is cracking this game open tonight, it looks fantastic.

  2. Great Job! As a side note we find it helpful to slide the assets being auctioned into the center of the action area.

  3. I really enjoy your 'how to play' videos, very helpful and in the case of Colosseum compels me to pick up a copy.

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