Colosseum Review with the Game Boy Geek


My board game review of the reprint of Colosseum. In this game, put on big shows in your arena and score more points by having season tickets, podiums, and being famous for specific actors.

My Allegro (2-min) Review –

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  1. I think the box art is horrid, and not a fan of the art on the player mats, but the rest of the art I think is great.

  2. Couldn't disagree more!! This is my favorite game. It combines so many fun mechanisms. If someone picks ur program then thats just bad planning on your part. There are similar programs so until the fourth or fifth round you have to be able to switch. Also everything is open knowledge so you know who is probably going for the same programs as you. Disliking a game just because you don't know how to properly play it… well yeah i guess that's a great review then.

    Last but not least this is imho the ugliest reprint ever. So sad about all those artwork decisions they made. This could've been something really special. Total miss by TMG.

  3. Thanks for the honest reviews. Too often (won't name anyone), it seems like some YouTubers are doing Advertisements & calling them Reviews. Thx

  4. for buying the events, do you get to choose between the many different ones? or you just get the one on top of the pile?

  5. Sorry about your bad experience with this game. I really love this game because of the social interaction and adaptation of all players. If someone were to be a jerk and take a "show" you were hoping to get, they are hurting themselves as well, so it defeats the purpose of winning. I put out all of them for display, so my students have many options. I hope you give this a game another try, but without that jerk player.

  6. Played it last week and the game felt very bland and repetitive for me. It doesn't have that "lightbulb moment" where you go wow! So disappointed. The money spent on production could've gone to make another game better.

  7. I think Dan's criticism of not being able to buy the show you want is not quite fair and would say that the proper strategy is to buy the show before you have the necessary tiles to produce it and then work to acquire the tiles.

  8. I know a lot of people are saying the artwork sucks. I feel like it is just backlash because it's obvious the artwork isn't as good as the original game. I do disagree with the Game Boy Geek's statement about the artwork being better because it isn't. That being said the artwork looks okay. I do have to say the worst part are the new extra seats or whatever they are called and the podiums, they look awful and clunky. I just think people are being hard on it because the artwork in the other game was so beautiful and it cannot possibly compare. I've seen a lot worse when it comes to artwork is what I'm saying.

  9. I also thought the game was OK but didn't really blow me away. I know that it does get a lot of love, though… at least I am not alone in not thinking it's the bee's knees.

  10. I kickstarted this and I won't be getting it until MARCH. Never kickstartng with TMG again, not fair that I have to wait two month to get something I paid for but the general public gets their copies way ahead of me


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