Defiance – Starter Guide


We look at guns, dance, tackle an interface, throw a technical foul, and show you how to enjoy Defiance.

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  1. Hey people of youtube I am recruiting members for my clan named Ragnarok. We already have a website up and running. Also the clan is apart of a Five Families Alliance. Which is a group of five clans that will work together to grow and dominate rival clans. We will mostly be acting Defiance and a few other games. But if you are interested or would like some more information, you can message me on Xbox Live at the gamertag ZDS x AkTiveZz Thank you for you time

  2. Still on the fence about this game. Looks fun but the weird ties ins and long term playability have me concerned.

  3. It looks like a decent game but no way worth the price of a AAA title. $60? nah .. at least $30 and many more people like I would buy it.

  4. Give it time, It has already made vast improvements from the launch. In fact they are doing a massive patch today fixing a lot of the issues people have been having.

  5. Third person shooter MMO that get free constant content to run along side the show…. I'm fine with buy to play. That's still better than a subscription. Besides I feel F2P are a waste of time cuz you have to contsantly purchase things for the game with actual money that would probably end up costing you more in the long run.

  6. all that in the game if you just complete missions. Once you start finding kick ass weapons and help fellow players in ark falls and what not its really fun i mean there was like 150 people traveling from one ark fall to another. There is also shadow wars which rewards you with a lot of rare shields weapons etc. You have to give it a shot my friend. If you like any type of mmo and or shooters in that manner this will be right up your ally. I just hope you and other people cave in and buy it haha

  7. Here let me help you out…This game is kinda corny off the bat you really dont know whats going on but once you put a couple hours under your belt you will become extremely addicted to the amount of content you get in this bad boy. I was not sure about this game either but if you give it a shot im sure this game will grow on you. You also get a lot of bang for your buck. There is no subscription fee and there is no reason to use the store unless you want unique armor or what not but you get

  8. I got into the beta, and I seriously thought this game was going to be F2P. It certainly plays like a free game…


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