Develop a Quiz App with Javascript – Object Oriented Programming


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In this JavaScript object oriented programming tutorial, you will learn how to make a complete quiz application for web. You will learn, how to design models and controllers for different functionalities with in the app. Plus you will learn how to design the interface of our app with html and css.

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  1. Build complete web app with javascript. Email at for $10 coupon.
    Debugging JavaScript:
    Promises in JavaScript:

  2. Great tutorial brother !! So I have an question please how to make random the question in the quiz I use the function random but not result.

  3. If i want to change the number of question to 20 instead of 5 – what should i change.. i have tried many times, by just adding the number of questions with negative result. thanks in advance.

  4. Thank you for your explanation but you did not mention how to unlmit the number of questions. I have tried unfortunately could not find a solution. Could you hel me please?

  5. The JavaScript part was not working for me like others on here, but then I rearranged the sorting of the JS links on my index.html and it worked. It should be listed top down in this order: controller.js, then question.js and finally app.js. Probably a stupid error that most can fix, but for new people on here like me this might be an issue. Hope this helps.

  6. I would like to modify this quiz app code to ask questions from a subset of the questions array. What is the best way to do that?
    Lets say you have 100 questions, and you want to randomly select 25 questions to ask.

  7. Halfway through the video and I'm very uncomfortable with the var declarations that should've been using let instead. But other than that I like this video.

  8. Don't understand 24:29 – "if(this.getQuestionIndex().correctAnswer(answer))". Is this chaining or something?

  9. I followed the video beginning to end, and I get an error in the console:

    Uncaught TypeError: cannot set property "innerHTML" of null
    at populate (app.js:13)
    at app.js:55

    someone please help me find the disconnect

  10. Dear sir I have applied self close to close the window after a time but it is not working after uploading over the network please help me to sort out this problem

  11. Hi,

    Can you share app.js code for randomised question set. What more modifications in the code can make the job simple. Its urgent, please reply soon.

  12. Very good video. I knew a little about programming in JavaScript, but I learned a lot more – especially about objects

  13. hello i'm student and i want to get exam hall seating arrange system html and java script source code so place send to me

  14. Please I need help. Uncaught synthex Error identifier 'quiz' has already been declared in app js.
    Need help. I am stucked here

  15. Sir if we want to show a button on attempting all correct answers and vise versa. What will be the code? Kindly help me.

  16. Oay mere pyare laal, gole gape nonay haal…. bohat pyari video banai hai aap ne… dil khush kar diya… i liked your video as well as i subscribed too.


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