Dirty Chess Tricks 44 (4 Knights Tricky Line)


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  1. Thanks for this commentary. Please direct me to the line you mention at 16 minutes, as my current opponent has made the knight move!

  2. Sir please give link of the blitz session that you have played i cant found in your channel please provide link sir…

  3. 9:48 Well, according to Chessable, it's still theory. And if white still pushes it, black can still equalize and sometimes emerge with an even endgame position.

  4. @10:34 It's called the Rubinstein gambit NOT Chigorin gambit! Great video BTW… Very informative! Thumbs up!

  5. Dude its nothing for Black to face if he knows what he is doing.. GM Jan Gustuffson in his repertoire against 4 knights provides this line and in the end black is slightly better if he remembers the moves
    Yeah but its applicable in lower rated games but this Nd4 line is not a line amateur will play also when you mention the rook sacrifice its also ok to allow Rxd6 by playing Bd7 and i have lines which leads to a draw by perpetual check


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