Final Fantasy X: How to Beat the Luca Goers in the First Blitzball Game


Hello all and thank you for watching this Final Fantasy X tip video about how to beat the Luca Goers!

The Goers are considerably better than the Aurochs at low levels, and this makes the first game shockingly difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.  In this video I cover some tips which should help you win the game fairly easily.

It is important to have Tidus take one action that gets him experience, which means he either needs to attempt a pass or a shot.  Preferably you complete a pass to keep possession.

These are the key points to remember in the 1st half:

-Keep possession at all times in the 1st half.

– Tidus must take one action to level up (pass or shoot).
– Camp out behind your keeper if you want to take no risks at all in the first half.
– Alternatively, pass between Datto and Botta to level them up.
– You can manipulate the opposing players out of position by going near enough to draw their attention but then passing before they’re close enough to attempt a tackle or block.
– Avoid Graav and the Goers defenders at all costs.
– If they win the tipoff then it is entirely possible that they can score without you being able to do anything but it; you can either reset or try to score 2 in the second half.

In the second half:

– Equip Jecht Shot for Tidus, and Nap Shot (Datto) & Venom Tackle (Botta) if possible
– Try to score with Jecht Shot. You only get to use it once, so try to get as close as possible to the goal.
– Wakka will sub in at 3:00 exactly and this interrupts whatever else is happening.
– There is a good chance that you’ll break through one defender with Wakka, which can let you score with Venom Shot.

The prize is a Strength Sphere, which is extremely useful because +4 Strength is a big increase early in the game!

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  1. Thanks for this. With some hiccups, this got me through on my second try. I was only able to score with Tidus, but that's okay. It felt good anyway.
    People complain about RNG in blitzball…but RNG is how battle works too, it's just less swingy then in here. If the same techniques work for most people more or less…that's how strategy works. There's always going to be an element of luck.

  2. I somehow won with out doing any of this while never playing before and only using skills twice. The game went to overtime twice and we managed to win 1-2

    I must be the luckiest player in the world.

  3. Really enjoying these videos so far, you got a new subscriber here. One trick for getting the Jecht shot, as I cannot do it the normal way, is use the analog stick and just spin it around like crazy, not trying to hit the memories, just spin it, if the memory is in the middle, stop spinning, hit
    X, then continue the spinning again, you only need 11, and I get it 90% of the time. Great videos!

  4. Thankyou for this video I have never given blitzball a chance as i found it frustrating when I first played it on ps2 but I'm replaying the remaster n feel confident about this match now so massive thankyou also will defo check out ur league guide aswell

  5. ive never played blitzball, but im about to start for the first time with the help in this video. thanks for all the work that went into this!

  6. I got lucky and managed to keep the score 0-0 Till Wakka came on. And in the second half with only 20 seconds to go, I managed to put it through with Wakka and made it 1-0.

  7. Thank you mate, i couldn't do this when the game came out, so it felt so good to beat them! Even if I was hiding in goal…

  8. lmfao. i am a severely visually impaired person, actually blind, so can barely make out anything. my partner who is assisting in this effort is not a gamer at all. wish we had a community or group who can assist each other on their profiles to win this and to get those levelling up tricks done. here is to blindness not stopping me from playing my favorite game of all times.

  9. Thank you so much man. Years ago I managed to beat them by fluke, but had long since forgotten how. This really helped a lot

  10. This video is the best. I was dreading this match so bad, and thanks to this video, I beat them on the first match. Great video!

  11. On my second playthrough the game and god am I glad I found your playlist bro. It makes the game mich much easier and fun when compared to my first playthrough where everything pretty much kicked my ass xD same with Blitz, at first I didnt liked it much, but now I know it was mostly due to me not knowing what I was doing. Thanks for the pointers, made that first game so much easier, 2 tries for the win unlike in my first playthrough were it took me like 20 haha


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