Full Game Recap: Warriors vs Celtics | GSW & BOS Battle Down The Stretch


The Warriors recorded their 10th consecutive victory as they defeat the Celtics, 115-111 tonight in Boston. With the win, Steve Kerr also becomes the quickest head coach to record 300 career wins, doing so in 377 games. Kevin Durant led all scorers with 33 points (10-23 FG) to go with 9 rebounds for the Warriors, while Stephen Curry tallied 24 points (6-12 3pt FG) in the game. Kyrie Irving led the Celtics with 32 points (12-27 FG) to go with 10 assists and 6 rebounds, while Al Horford recorded 22 points and 13 rebounds in the losing effort. With the win, the Warriors improve to 35-14 on the season while the Celtics fall to 30-19.

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  1. If curry wins this year again he should be consider a better basketball player than Michael Jordan, Sorry but it's fact he gonna keep getting these rings way more than MJ he is Young and has lots of time to get 10 ring filled his hands remember what I'm saying today!

  2. Kyrie was on fireee!! Too bad the Raptors will be representing the East…I'm hoping for an epic Finals game Lakers vs the Celtics lol

  3. Celtics Mid-Season Manifesto after the great game last night:

    1. During crunch time, need more than Kyrie and Horford to have the confidence to create an opportunity to score. Tatum had spurts of a hot hand, but still needs to develop during clutch times (using all of his weapons including his moves to the hole) against top talent like the Warriors. Aside from Kyrie, Morris has been the most consistent player but struggled last night.

    2. Kyrie is a superstar, but places too much on his shoulders (as evidence of the stupid 30 footers he launched early in the shot clock trying to mimic Curry and turnovers he had a the end of the game forgetting he had 4 other players on the court).

    3. Because of #2, Celts should limit how many possessions Kyrie is point guard. Yes, they can still do heavy iso for him, but need more team play and Smart better equipped to quarterback that. I sensed other Celts knew they were sort of out of the play with Kyrie's touches at the end (not the case with Smart at point). Smart's shooting has improved (easy to do so) and worthy of more shots this year.

    4. Celts defense intensity needs to go up a notch. They have taken a step back from last year which helped propel them so far. Yes, they were playing the best team in the league last night, but too many open shots, easy baskets and dumb 3 Pt fouls. I believe this is anchored in the team culture and Stephen's ability to motivate his players. They get up for big games like last night or the win over Toronto or Phily, but lose to the Suns and Knicks.

    5. Celts need to go to the hole more offensively. Yes, the refs sucked last night with some awful calls, but Celts had only 15 FT attempts to the Warriors 34. This will create more opportunities and force them to move the ball. Celts surged to take the lead a couple times when they did this. More Baynes presence could have helped.

    6. Too much play time for the bench. Yes, the starters need a break (especially Horford), but Stephens needs to tweak the rotation. There was a long cold point offensively for the Celts bench and felt like forever for the starters to come back in.

    7. Despite his amazing mid-flight rebound/score, Rozier does not fit in with the current team formation. He should have been/be dealt for something. Wanamaker is a solid backup point guard to fill his role.

    8. Brown has regressed from last year and IMO, will not blossom into a superstar or maybe not even an all-star. He has limited basketball smarts/IQ and seems to suffer from low T (energy). He along with Rozier could be hurting team chemistry. I would package him in a trade with our first round picks.

    9. Hayward is a work in progress that needs to continue to improve his speed, confidence, and consistency.

  4. Iam sorry but it is my opinion the Celtics played better basketball last year with out Hayward and Kyrie this dude is a ball huger he needs to share the ball more

  5. Did big men if ball I'd not in there hand they not going to reach for it . Al Horford should got that

    ball Kyrie pass to him.

  6. @7:24 one of the smoothest, quickest , basketball handles I have ever seen. He makes me love Basketball all over again. If only they would allow more defensive contact…..It would just be more Epic! Kyrie Irving 🏀💯

  7. My Boston Celtics We Took That L Against The Warriors But We Is Goin To Bounce Back 💪 BigFactz It's#BostonCelticsNation 4Life Here

  8. 5:47 This is how you use the block in today's game! Nothing goes static once the ball goes down low. Keep moving, and convince the big man to share. Boogie is a good passer, too, with around 4-4.5 apg over the last few years.

  9. WARRIORS go out and Buy the snake 3 yrs back then stack the
    team with 4 more superstars and basically buy there championships
    thats the mentality of players today watch the ratings continue to plummit

  10. Good game down to the last minute. Boston beat themselves with a few mistakes in last minutes. Bounce back time! Go Celtics!!!

  11. That phantom foul call on AL Horford while KD was terrible. That being said the Celtics had their chances to win. Some really bad ball security late in the 4th and the disappearing act by their bench killed their chances late. And Hayward was terrible. Congrats to the Warriors, they played a tough game. Klay was great for them on both ends of the floor. Looking forward to seeing the rematch.

    And can we all agree that Jeff Van Gundy is terrible at his job? He complained for 48 minutes straight.


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