Galaxy S20 Rom For Galaxy Note 3 – Android 10 – ONE UI 2.1 Look – How To Install/Update


Android 10 Update For Galaxy Note 3:

In today’s video, we will be taking a look at Samsung Galaxy S20 Rom for Galaxy Note 3.
The Rom we are checking out in the video is Android 10 Based and consists of Galaxy S20 Plus/Ultra elements on top with Galaxy Note 10 Apps. It is not a complete ported rom however, it is designed in such a way to compensate any such need for the people wishing to have Galaxy S20 rom on their Galaxy Note 3.

For Download Resources, kindly visit:

✹ Store Apps Package, rom file and QuickSwitch zip file onto your phone’s Storage.
✹ Save up Odin for pc, and TWRP onto laptop.
✹ For further process, kindly review the video.

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  1. Hi . I come from Vietnam. I think your rom version is very good. But there are some apps I can't install: One Shade …, S10 Camera, Live messages. I hope you can help me fix these problems. Thank you

  2. How to upgrade my note3 not connected in pc.? Pls can i get the link directly install on my phone. Thanks in advance. I also subscribe your channel and i like your videos.!

  3. My primary phone is a OnePlus 7 pro, thing is, I like to have a second phone to root a d customize, as I never root my primary phone. I'm thinking about getting a note 3. I'm curious on how ram management is. The 12 on my 7 pro is great. But the 4 on my lg g7 is absolutely garbage. Then again it is lg and they have the worst software.

  4. ※Please note
    This video is a lie, and Lee-rom is also called Ha-bok, so if you are subscribing to the Reason Tube, please cancel it.

  5. Just to give a heads up to everyone. This guy knows how to install the ROM but cannot troubleshoot for you guys. He has missed a few steps. For more detailed and accurate steps go to and find a preferred ROM for your device smh.

    EDIT: Can't believe I decided to answer more than 5 comments for dis video


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