Galaxy S20 Rom For Galaxy Note 5 – ONE UI – How To Install/Update


Hey guys wassup,
In Today’s video, we will be taking a look at Galaxy S20/Plus/Ultra Rom For Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus.

Supported Devices:
⚫ International Variants
(Devices with F/FD/C/CD/I/G/08)
⚫ Korean Variants
(Devices with S/L/K)
⚫ US Variants
(Devices with T/W8)
⚫ Galaxy S6 Flat Only

Download Links
MEGA(Mirror 1):
Google Drive(Mirror 2):

TWRP Recovery Downloads
⚫ International Variants
(Devices with F/FD/C/CD/I/G/08)

⚫ Korean Variants
(Devices with S/L/K)

⚫ US Variants
Canada (SM-N920W8):
T-Mobile (SM-N920T):

ODIN FOR PC Download:

Samsung Camera Guide
(You can also watch my video at the very end where I’ve shown how to fix the camera app easily).

1. Samsung camera only runs when auto brightness is turned off
2. Video Recording : On front/back go to ProMode – ColorTone –
Tone1 – Record.
3. Front camera only records well at 720P
4. Videos recorded will be 24 ~ 30FPS
5. Selfies : Long press cam icon – select selfie
6. This will switch to front camera
7. To switch to main – long press icon – select auto

For any queries, kindly let me know in the comments below
Happy Flashing 🙂

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  1. Im watching this video on my custom ROM galaxy note 5 from your previous video 😍😍
    Thank u sooo much Saif Ahmed♥️

  2. And if I extract the app of the camera of this device from the original rom, and modify the versions of android in which it can be compatible or installed, it will work or give problems, if so, can you tell me which ones?

  3. I wish some day a rom would release that let's us use our cameras right without exiting and entering the app multiple times

  4. So is my note 5 meant to be pre rooted and installed with twrp recovery before proceeding with this custom os installation?
    And I am using Indian Samsung note 5 version, will this work in my device?

  5. I got note 5 updated to Android 9 everything works greats accept the camera… work around is as stated in the video. Biggest issue is you can not record video and use authenticator such as google or microsoft. However found a work round for recording video, you have to put a sticker to record.

  6. Please help, my SIM card isn't working now, after I installed this. Whenever i reboot the phone, it only asks me for the safety code' pin, not for the SIM's PIN code. What did I do wrong?? Please help!

  7. Hi bro, thanks a lot for your efforts so far.
    does the camera work on third party app like Whatsapp? or not? before to install this rom?

  8. Hi. İdont use rom before. So first what ı do for rom? Root need? And can ı use note 5 camera app on this rom?

  9. Hi, Ayman Badr here. Amazing video and thanks for your efforts bother. I have one problem with this that I hope I can find an answer to it with you. The camera just doesn't work with Facebook messenger, Is there a fix for it?

  10. The file i downloaded says 'FloydRom_V5.1_Exynos7420' is this the same file as the 'Galaxy Note 5 S20 Rom' on his laptop??? please help

  11. Hi sir… Please help me. My camera stopped ( not work) in my phone galaxy 5

    Please fix or settings?

    Nice to meet u from java indonesian

  12. hi thanks for the video, is there any program you can recommend for video recording except candy camera? How can I make the feel of the touch keys at the bottom for the note 5 and screen-image rotation problem have this rom ,can you help that?


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