Game Grumps Animated – Does Bruno Mars is Gay? – by ToriDomi


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  1. News these days. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk ts-
    Also I not seen with my toooooo eeys any1 talking about the headlines on the tv.
    (yes the typos are on purpose)

  2. Ok. Someone tell me if I'm alone-

    Who came here from the bnha animatic, with Izuku and Tenya-

    "Does Todoroki is gay?"

  3. Does Bruno Mars is gay? There be the no way! Can does it say? Perhaps maybe quite possibly in May? GASP WHAT IF TODAY!? For this taco did I pay?? My friend's name starts with number J. Also I definitely maybe also have a friend who be called Tay. Way back that way. Oh, it would make my day to know if does Bruno Mars is gay…

  4. When I clicked on this I saw that I had already liked it but I honestly don’t recall ever watching this before. Usually I have no problem remembering stuff like this. I still remember the nightmare fuel Halo Reach vid and I probably haven’t watched that in close to a decade. Anyway, this shit is hilarious.


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