Game Grumps WEED Compilation Part 4 (Jokes, references and stories)


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List of Episodes with them sick weed references:
Pokemon Snap 1:
Mario Galaxy 19:
Mario Maker 136:
Earthbound 16:
Majora’s Mask 17:
Katamari Forever 22:
Katamari Forever 17:
Katamari Forever 16:
Monster Hunter World 4:
Go Vacation 1:
Dark Souls III 84:
Golf Story 1:
Paper Mario 35:
Sonic Mania 10:
Mario 3 NTC:
Zelda Wand of Gamelon 13:
Specter of Torment 8:


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  1. When I smoke with friends, if I start to feel anxious we put on Adam Sandler movies because you don’t have to use you brain at all, it’s purely just “haha his tongue is hanging out like a dog and he makes funny noises”. Doesn’t matter what movie of his.

  2. Ross had to have literally been trying to give Arin the worst possible experiences with weed. You don't start with edibles and you don't show someone an intense depressing movie that makes someone paranoid or worried about existence. Ross probably sadistically wanted to see Arin freak out.

  3. Honestly I've only had one good weed experience. It was with a indica-heavy hybrid, and that was nice, but then I tried one that was sativa heavy and it fucked me up.

  4. My first "weed" story was when I was 12, me and my boyfriend at the time ate an edible and got so stoned. I had always had a contact high but that was my first time being really high.

    Edit: I'm pretty sure every time arin fir high he greened out.

  5. It actually annoys me that Ross ruined Arins first experience smoking. Should have put on a Harold and Kumar movie or something, not some freaky alien thing. I hope Arin tried or tries it again and let's Danny be there, because I can just see him creating the most chill and relaxing vibe ever.

  6. I wish I could give Arin weed advice in person man. He’s definitely not like allergic to weed or whatever he said. My first weed highs were CRAZY INSANE MINDFUCK experiences too. It might be linked to adhd??? That’s just a loose theory though. But it definitely 100% gets more fun. You just gotta get through the first few maximum intensity type trips and it’ll start to peak not quite as intensely and will feel much more fun and easier to get into and really really enjoy. They can be extremely fun and enlightening psychedelic trips! Like seriously Arin should do it again with Dan. And Ross should be banned from that building for the day lol

  7. When you're there, just watch any Cheech and chong, or Tank girl, or even scooby doo cartoons. Fun, light entertainment that doesn't need any real focus. When you eat it you should eat a half of a cookie/brownie, then see how you feel in about 30 minutes. Just don't try too hard or it'll not be the best experience for you. I did a good first experience with a friend, she had half a cookie and she was cool with it. It was a nice experience. We laughed, chatted and her b/f played some guitar. It was a nice evening for us all.

  8. Jesus fuck Ross had him smoke a JOINT?! That’s literally the biggest dosed thing he could offer a first timer. My first REAL intense trip was off one good standard sized hit in a homage waterfall bong and that got me BLASTED. Ross needs to be responsible and start thinking more about arins extremely low tolerance and sensitivity to it. One little small to medium hit of ground weed in a bowl would be totally good for his whole night and he probably wouldn’t get stuck in space and time again and just feel good. Like seriously I really want Arin to actually do a mini dose experiment and see if it’s more pleasant. And I’m talking ONE decent hit. It will affect him after that one because he already got through the first time where it does nothing lol

  9. Honestly it’s horrible but that trip lined up with the alien movie was REALLY funny 😂 Arin became god for a few hours. Arins trip was pretty cool for a bad trip lol

  10. I’m so happy that I had a good first experience. I have ADD as well, and I smoked after all my shit had worn off. It was amazing. I feel so bad for Arin. Ngl tho I did watch hell raiser my first time, and somehow I didn’t freak out. Go figure.

  11. my second time i walked out of the bathroom murmuring the mirror is scary like 50 times but my friend had me calm down really well and was fine for the rest of the time

  12. It sounds like Arin dissociated (derealization) when he tried weed. He tried too much and thought too hard. It happens to a small percent of people. It's very scary and hard to break! I hate that it happened to him. Just in case anyone is reading after relating to him.

  13. i had someone ask me for trees, n i was just like yeah theirs trees over there n pointed at actual trees


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