Game Theory: Portal's Companion Cube has a Dark Secret


Portal’s Companion Cube is perhaps one of gaming’s most memorable and lovable characters (items?). But is the Companion Cube another cruel test set up by GLaDOS? What sinister secret is hidden behind the Companion Cube’s cute pink hearts? Like most other things in Portal, the cube may be more than meets the eye…

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  1. He kinda overlooked that in the lab rat comic rat man put chill at the top of the tester list, so there weren’t anybody before to be put in the cube to our knowledge

  2. “The cube has people inside it” I tested the compainion cube going through the emancipation grill and nothing came out.

  3. "Studies have shown that lonely people are much more likely than connected people to believe that inanimate objects have emotions and intentions."
    *Goes to garage
    Me: Minivan, you really DO love me though, right?
    Van: silence
    Me: Thanks big guy love you too

  4. This can be easily debunked. In the testchamber you referred to in Portal 2, GLaDOS manually fizzles the cube which surprise contained no dead body. The missing MEG is a complete coincidence, the fratricide achievement refers to the ironic destruction of the object you’ve supposedly bonded with, GLaDOS’s lines are a joke, Doug Rattman is schizophrenic, and they have warehouses full of the things because Aperture was planned on a much larger scale than a single subject. Do your research, man.

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    Edit:lol thx for 2 likes

  6. There's still a disconnect between shoving a corpse in there and it being able to talk. Are you saying these cubes are haunted and the ghosts of the dead communicate advice?

  7. There's a video here on YouTube where someone manages to present a companion cube to the grid.

  8. Anybody notice that Matpat said it could be filled with human remains, and then saying that they scream when being incinerated? Because as far as I know, a characteristic of being dead is not being able to talk, think, etc., etc.

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  10. in quarantine in 2020, decided to rewatch the very first episode of game theroy I ever watched. Its funny how 7 years fly by so fast.

  11. The achievement for burning the cube might just be saying you’re killing the cube and since it was your friend, you could call it your “brother”.

  12. I dont think this makes sense. First of all if the cube was actually talking to Rattman, dont you think the person inside would be asking for help? We know that Rattman has not so mild Schizophrenia, and to block out the Companion Cube talking to him, they would have to block out his hearing all together.


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