Game Wizard Retropie Image – You Pick the Size – Custom


Checking out this pre-setup game wizard image. Plug it in and you choose what games and systems you want!

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  1. Hi Drew,

    Do you happen to know which PSX games are in the Top30 download in this image? Debating whether to download it and wait for hours for the download to complete or just put my own instead lol

  2. DrewTalks,

    Can you do this and then update to 4.3 afterwards? Can you also put it on a usb and run off usb? If so, how? Will running it on usb run cooler than sd card as I was told running on sd gets really hot.

  3. I dont understand why there isn't an easy way to delete roms from within ES. Other than going into the metadata and hitting 21 buttons just to delete 1 rom, such a pain in the ass! I don't want the full rom sets, so I have to use my computer to delete the roms, which is also a hassle. I would think by now, someone would have written a script to just hit the delete button on a keyboard, and y to confirm.

  4. We will only be addressing comments about GW at GW

    GameWizard ZT


  5. Hey you guys crash here one thing I'd like to note, this is not the Crash image.

    Second or first server failed we lost a lot of data so we are currently rebuilding, we had to rewrite the code from scratch due to the loss. We are currently working out all the bugs.

    The way we have the set up is we can make seamless updates. We make a change on her side all you have to do is reboot and the script changes for you.

    Swing by the group you'll find that there will be at support so that you can download straight to your HDD.

    Drew if you want I will send you a copy of my image so you can actually do one on the right you are currently reviewing the Dev image

  6. anyone else getting a black screen on first time boot up? I have flashed the image using Pi Baker but get nothing when booting up in RP3

  7. Garbage when i click on agree with uela i get a bunch of text then it says cg to quit and the when i hit ctrl c goes back to main menu and i get get to download roms menu

  8. This is what i was waitin for 👌 easy to handle and you can choose which systems you want to put on. Thanks for your good work 🍇🍇🍇 Have a nice day & hang in there 🖖 GREETZ from SWITZERLAND Mate….

  9. Hi Drew,

    I Have 3 questions

    1 – can we download all of these systems on a external drive instead of a sd card?

    2- Can you explain how to transfer roms with ethernet cable from pie to pc or vice versa?

    3- Can you explain also on arcade punks they have a set of video snap for amiga for about 2000 games how does it works to use them?

    thanks for your help…


  10. Cool vids Drew, I like your on top of all the images. just letting you know there is a mega downloader for MAC, but you have to find that through google. Your link will only work for PC. Keep the vids rollin' 🙂


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