GamingSins: Everything Wrong With Mass Effect 3 (REDUX)


I’ve done it.

8 Months
Over 450+ hours of replaying the entire trilogy
917 total minutes of audio recording
618,584 total frames in the video
A video nearly 2 and a half hours long

And it is complete.

It is the game that started it all. The game that led me on this path to nitpick the flaws in video games. The game that is the reason for me being the cynical gamer I am today. And now, the definitive GamingSins video is here. I was originally gonna release this video back in August of 2018 to celebrate this channel’s 5 year anniversary. But boy, am I sure glad I waited to get it done right. It’s been quite a road. But hopefully, I can finally put this game behind me and move on to better things in life.


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  1. Multiplayer sins

    I can play as the geth but I can choose to fight against them…


    The fact that all dlc guns in multiplayer is available with the exception of chakram launcher in a free expansion pack is 10 sins


    Dragoons are phantom's without the insta kill. But their twice as fucking annoying.

    Insert scene of getting revived and getting insta killed
    +10 sins

    The fact that this multiplayer is still alive is worthy of one sin reduction


    I can play as a collector, EDI, A geth prime.


    Ok. The fact that the collectors are only a enemy faction in the multiplayer is bullshit.

    +10 sins

    Playing the multiplayer to get the best ending is pointless because Bioware didn't make a extra cutscene for those who bothered to play.


    The harvester isn't in multiplayer due to how Op it is.

    Yet the geth gotten a geth bomber to flank out players who would easily farm on Noveria white.


    Salarians deserved more characters. They are dangerously underrated.


    A human version or Human female jack isn't in the multiplayer yet we have Human male Cerberus characters


    The fucking fact it took someone 8 years worthy on and off to get a Cerberus Harrier rifle.

    Ultra rare items are 7.5% to drop. But you can have every blue, white, and gold gun and char and still not get guaranteed ultra rares.



    It took the 3rd installment of the game and a cut standalone multiplayer for us to play as other alien races in the game.



    Game sins tally: 59

    Sentence: Banshee screams

  2. This is the type of series that I played because I got invested in the story and not because the gameplay was "oh, so amazing". It infuriates me when they trip up in their own lore. When an aspect of the story is revealed and/or changed and it completely obliterates something that you knew because it's convenient plot-wise. The same thing happened with Dragon Age several times. It's like they got lazy and just decided "Scratch that, it's getting too hard to explain and new players aren't gonna notice anyway". Well, what about the rest of us that played everything from the beginning and actually spent their time reading all the codex and in some cases books and comics and such?

  3. dude the quarian fleet was busy with the space battle with every other reaper, what make you think they had the chance to target the destroyer on the ground

  4. I go back through and play the three games every couple of years and shit even with its flaws I still like mass effect 3 The part where garrus talks about storming heaven and taking the bar damn makes a grown man cry

  5. The the station is a reaper factory transporting humans there is the only why present to build new reapers

  6. Hackett taking part in a single battle against one ship is totally the same as a galactic wide purge
    Such idiocies

  7. The collectors are husks made reapers and are apart of reaper threat fighting them is fighting the reapers

  8. Love the game, despite a lot of these issues. Biggest issue? The endings all where done by a team or writers that seemed to just give up. "Okay, That's lunch everyone!!!"…. Otherwise? I actually enjoyed it.

  9. the ending was really c_ r_a_p . With the Extended they solved something, but still not a good way to end a Thrilogy.
    Destruction was my choice

  10. There are times when I feel validated for not getting around to playing/finishing certain games/series. This video is certainly one of them; I only played (and finished) the first game. So many thanks, good sir.👍

  11. Can I just once again point out to you, the conversation between Anderson and Shepard is not referring to why Anderson stayed on Earth so stop crying about it. Anderson can't stay on board because unless they made him a companion character, he is just going to be a plot device. Which as we see is unnecessary since Shepard can manage on his own.

  12. I have been saying something similar for years.. and was attacked because of it, by people claiming that ME3 was the best game they ever played.. thanks for telling them they are stupid jellyfish with the brainpower of an amoebe.

  13. 1:29:06
    In bad ending of Mass effect 2 you can see an entire Cerberus fleet just jump in there.
    It's not a far reach to assume they applied same tech that was used on Normandy or the fact that omega 4 relay wasn't even needed in the first place (how did all destroyed ships even got there?)

  14. Yeah the Human Reaper having a massive piece intact is like the piece of the 2nd death star from the newest star wars lol

  15. just have to correct why the reapers tried to come through the citadel, it was not just to get out of dark space it was because the citadel was the center of the galactic government in the milky way. And so by taking the citadel they would cause the rest of the galaxy to be leaderless, not to mention the citadel is also the control station of all the mass relays, so in summery the reapers wanted the citadel to take destroy the head of all citadel space and control the mass relays.

  16. Me3 was my first mass effect game and I gotta say I enjoyed it but I never wanted to finish the campaign because I really enjoyed the lore. Also because I didn't want it to end. Then I got me 1and 2 and holy shit it blew me away glitches hiccups aside I enjoyed it. I thought mass effect three could be a stand alone. It was interesting that it felt that way at least for me honestly ending left me with questions because I was like how the hell did shepard wake up on earth if shepard was on the citadel?

  17. Remember how he talked about how it shouldve gone like this
    Mass effect 1: introduce the threat
    Mass effect 2: prepare to fight the threat
    Mass effect 3: fight the threat
    Isnt that how halo went?

  18. Still my favorite gaming trilogy that I will always feel you got to play a 3 before you could say you actually played it.

  19. Woo Woo WOO! Where is this hatred of Laura Bailey coming from?? That's my Lust you're hating on!

    Is it because she's Helena in RE6 and they dressed her like Claire???? I'm betting 100 sins off the "The Last of Us 2" sins video it is!

  20. I just subscribed, rang the bell, and am now leaving a comment simply to support your feelings towards this P.O.S. game! Why did anyone like it? Who knows! Why was Mass Effect 3 ever made since 2 sucked so hard?! Who knows!

  21. 43:55 – Aaaaactually, if it’s the Corrupted Spider, it eventually turns on the Alliance and costs you EMS rating. If it’s the true Rachni Queen you saved in ME1, there are no consequences for helping her here. So to say there’s no difference or changes based on your ME1 choice is intentionally misleading. But of course this assumes the entire game isn’t a giant indoctrination attempt, which considering your nitpickiness I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the visual effects after Shepard got attacked at the very beginning of the game during the meeting of the council. Considering that those effects usually happen as a result of something changing in reality, that one moment could explain most, if not all, the sins of this game from that point onwards.


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