GamingSins: Everything Wrong With Resident Evil 3: Nemesis


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The original Resident Evil 3 released back in 1999 and it still remains one of the best Resident Evil games ever created. It introduced new mechanics and intricacies that many people take for granted these days. And it featured one of the most memorable antagonists of all time, Nemesis. Nevertheless, it has its fair share of sins. But even I will admit, they are a bit of a stretch.


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  1. i just fucking adore your way of dealing with this nitpicking shit 😍 please we need a RDR2 Video, i just can't be patient anymore PLEASE Sir 🙏🏻❤ much love bruh

  2. Nicholai got there by just simply wa alking the train tracks. The reason they could not previously do so is because the subway was in the way.

  3. For sin #7 assuming it happened recently 10 minutes ago, the virus takes 30minuted-1 hour so you wouldn’t see a female zombie disliked unsubscribed smh

  4. Although I never got the chance to play/never cared about RE3, through this video, I see why it's a very good and highly praised game. Shame I never got any opportunity to play it during my childhood. I also understand why you said RE4 made the series turn for the worst, as although I like that game, it's not very scary and more action based, which RE5 and 6 unfortunately suffered from as well. But I'm not one of those people that say classic RE beats the new RE (as I'm indifferent about that, plus I liked 5 and 6) so nobody say that I'm saying the classic RE is superior. Thanks GCN, for showing me why people love RE3.

  5. 5:12 He did say it after that but you didn't include it in your crappy video! He said: "He's after STARS members! There's no escape!" 6:26 This is becoming one of the dumbest videos ever. Turning attention on details like red jewel isn't there before the events and its there after the events haha wow. Its a puzzle selected for RE2 that's why its there for RE2. And also the communications equipment can receive but it can't transmit have you thought about that? And even the communique is poorly received with an extremely bad signal. Nothing wrong so far, just stuff sucked out of your fingers as far as I can see

  6. 2:21 You never circled around and go back to the alley that leads to the warehouse do you? He lost his daughter, as they GOT SEPARATED and then his daughter tried to return to the warehouse when a zombie killed her just before she reach the door! I'm sure I'll disagree with at least 70% of the video and that will piss me off big time but I'll try to watch it until the end. Again, you haven't been paying attention to many events. The "monitors" , those UBCS mercenaries who were paid by Umbrella to go to the hot point and collect info and data of how the virus behave. They sabotaged their team and that's why they weren't able to stop anything! Also, just because you saw one blockade failed in the beginning doesn't mean that's everything that happened in Raccoon City. Normally yes, a few hundred zombies will overtake the police and the swat members just because they weren't prepared for this. As they show you, they just arrived and started shooting! That's not a blockade, its improvisation! ALSO, if there was a strong well formed blockade the virus needs to kill and turn just one or two people behind the blockade and that's it. People forming the blockade and trying to withstand the zombies are still people and they're getting sick by the outbreak and they die, then they turn while the zombies don't need to do anything but advance and form a pressure to the survivors! You get what I'm saying? The only thing I didn't like is that Jill gets bites all the way until the end and she's fine. Every bite should've infected her with the virus but this was gonna make the game impossibly hard!

  7. The bleep bloop sound from the old school RE games is my favorite sound ever! That's why im sad it didn't come back the remakes 😢


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