Godzilla: Tokyo Clash – How To Play


In this video we’re going to learn how to play Godzilla: Tokyo Clash! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the Youtube comments below.

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  1. Question on a throw. If you can throw something, say a tank or train at a target 3 spaces away, based on the card you play. If there is a building in the way on the second space, does the thrown target stop there?

  2. Would you be able to state what the card sizes are? I'd like to try to find sleeves that would fit these, or as close as I can.

  3. I'm surprised it took this long for a board game staring the big G. This game would be perfect for expansions. Bigger maps,Space Godzilla,Destryoa,even the Xillans would be cool. Toss in the new Godzilla,the possibilities are numerous.

  4. Good explanation as always Rodney. Game feels similar to Unmatched to me so don't think it will be one I will be buying.

  5. Hi Rodney! Are you allowed to break up move and attack actions? So if I had a card that had 2 move and 2 attack could I move one space, attack,then move again? Thanks!

  6. Rodney,
    how much time a day do you spend on making videos, learning rules and keeping up with news about games ?
    How much time are you left with actually playing games with your friends ?

    Ignore these questions if they are too intrusive.
    Just tell me to mind my own business. 🤨😄

  7. THANKS FOR THE DETAIL INSTRUCTION: Sound a bit chaotic but seems to reflect the real life monster struggle!! Thx and Take care!!

  8. This is the Godzilla game Godzilla fans have been waiting for! I've only tried it out playing two handed against myself, but I love this game. The art is awesome, the figs are pretty good, and the gameplay is top notch. I love the discard action as it makes sure you're never trully dead in the water. You get more than your bucks worth on this game!

  9. Just went through my cards and noticed Jet Jaguar and Gigan appear in art on them. I'm hoping that means a planned expansion.

  10. Just went through my cards and noticed Jet Jaguar and Gigan appear in art on them. I'm hoping that means a planned expansion.

  11. Do you by chance know how the Lightning Generators work? It says if you throw/move/place a kaiju in that space, deal 1 damage, however when you get dealt a damage via moving yourself, what does that do? No one takes a trophy for that I assume, so color me confused. Also, what causes you to place a kaiju?

  12. Thanks for the great video, Rodney! Just got this yesterday and am excited to play. I noticed though that the rules do not include a components list and my game came with 4 red energy cubes (for Kaiju player boards) and 1 yellow cube. I don't see anything in the rules as to what this cube is used for. Any idea?

  13. Wow, is there a resurgence in Godzilla tabletop games? Godzilla Jenga and Monopoly also just released not so long ago. This does sound like an interesting game. King of Tokyo never sat well with me and never found a Kaiju replacement game. This might be it!

  14. So glad you put this video out! I’m really hyped to get this on Monday when I will hopefully get the game itself. So far you’re the only to have done a major video on the game and I’m glad you’ve done so. I’ve been scouring YouTube all day for any videos covering it! Thank you for this amazing video😀

  15. You should do how to play video’s on exploding kittens, bears vs babies, you’ve got crabs, throw throw burrito, on a scale of one to t-Rex and poetry for Neanderthals. The last two more then the others.

  16. Seems like fun, especially as a huge Godzilla fan. I will say though, I wish the miniatures were resin cast paintable minis instead of what appears to be vinyl plastic. But I am a mini fanatic so.

  17. It's awesome that in this time where new movie and video game releases have slowed to a crawl, we're still getting great board games.

  18. I would recommend getting rid of the little cardboard squares for small buildings and replacing them with Monopoly houses, my game looks much better now

  19. Yes! The rules didn’t say where to put the trophies! I assumed it would be on the damage/event board, but thanks for the video!! Love this game!

  20. This is a great game that sounds more complex than it is. Once you get going, the fiddly stuff vanishes. I grabbed this Father's Day. Will see some good casual table time this summer. Excellent price and minis, too.


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