Greg Hasting's Paintball 2 Paint Xtreme World Championship Match 1


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The Sequel to The original Xbox Game.

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  1. i beat this game in 2 days in that amount of time im now using a luxe with a stiffi barrel evolution hopper 4 pods and a bunch of other stuff my charactor greg hastings my whole team are legendaries sooooo yea good game tho

  2. Who the fuck would actually buy a paintball video game? The entire point of the game of paintball is having a game where people can shoot each other with guns for fun, but without the death. 

    In video games you can shoot each other with virtual weapons based on real firearms without any real life death, therefore there is absolutely no non-retarded reason why anyone would play this junk over Call of Duty or Goldeneye 64.

  3. I haven't played this, but it looks no better than Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball 2 on the original Xbox. Sad that they didn't make any significant improvements.

  4. The game looks really cool, except for the fact that fully geared players seem to be able to run to the 50 faster than Usain Bolt would be able to.

  5. This is a RealLife sport. Not just a video game. Im really not sure how you are comparing Call of duty or even Halo to PAINTball game. yes they are both shooter games bat still…PAINTball…SPORT not call of duty.


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