Hacked Nintendo Wii Arcade Machine


This is a video showing an Arcade Cabinet i built up from scratch, it works via a Hacked Nintendo Wii games Console. It has been sofware modded to enable the use of homebrew games and applications.

The application used in this video is MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) it is and emulator which is capable of running many original acrade machine games as real they were in arcades across the world years ago.

The Machine is built from alot of MDF, and alot of wire fiddling. with no previous soldering experience me and a friend had a hard time doing it properly, but after just a few hours we had working controllers! It took just under a week to finish off.

As you will probably know, the Nintendo Wii can also use Gamecube Controllers the buttons on the Arcade Machine are connected to stripped down gamecube controllers but the gap between the button connections is made via the microswitches on the control panel. Easy!

There is a flourescent light tube in the top of the machine which lights to top sign up (although i dont think its on during this video haha) and a 22″ LED TV screen as the display.

It is all powered through a single socket though inside the machine although inside it there is a multisocket which each unit is plugged into for ease!

This machine is not limited to one game, many different game files (or ROMs) can be downloaded and played, you just select them from a list. Also, ANY game can be played using the control panel which uses a gamecube controller, mario kart wii for example, very difficult but do-able!

It plays SNES, NES, Game Gear, Megadrive/ Gensis, Master System etc, pretty much any retro console out there 🙂

Hope you like it as basic as it is!

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  1. (I know its years later but) was you able to use the c stick? Debating on if I should use my hacked wii or a sega classic for a cheap arcade build.

  2. Your arcade machine looks horrible, buy an "xtension arcade cabinet" those cabinet are well done, not like yours that look like trash

  3. Question did the wii recognized the joystick and buttons I'm also trying to build what you've do in your video

  4. I just purchased two gamecube/wii controllers to do this. PLEASE post a video on how to solder/wire the controlller

  5. Bro, do you have any more information on how you wired up the arcade controls to work through a Gamecube port? I am making an arcade cabinet out of a Wii and this would be extremely nice info; otherwise I'm going to buy two X-arcade controllers and I really don't want to do that.

  6. your missing the most important component AN CRT and before you say it looks crappy THERE ARE CRT TVS with COMPONENT so shut the fuck up the wii's best quality is 480p So theres no excuses here unless it's weight but other than that there isn't much excuses

  7. Hi Mike, have you tested quadforce games eg. Virtua Striker 4? If yes you can use the cross instead of the analog switch to play? Thanks

  8. Can you please tell me how to connect a joystick like that to a Wiimote? Did you use an USB adapter o a special cable?

  9. Cool! (I had an idea like this a while ago with using home brew emulators on a hacked wii and making it into an arcade machine!) I must ask, where did you get the arcade buttons!? (I mean the plastic buttons themselves)

  10. @MikeyTaylorGaming IS THAT how basic those old arcade machines where on the inside, no way.

  11. OMG!!!! The second round against ken was brilliant!! And, of course, really cool arcade machine based on a wii, keep up the good work man, greetings from Chile 😀

  12. like the machine, how did you wire those joysticks? Do you think this would be possible with using a wii u?

  13. Don't listen to the negative comments. There is always someone criticizing other peoples work. It is usually people who have never rtied anything themselves. For those of us who have, we just appreciate the effort. Nice work.

  14. Thumbs Up GUYS, nice and neat. Plus you can get a Wii used for about $40-50 USD it makes for a really easy and affordable way to make an 80's Classics Arcade Cab, i don't think anything much newer would run on mame for wii. WiiBrew should have the info u need and emu(NO ROMS need to find on your own) To make roms work just find out what mame version the wii runs and find the dat file for mame and use a rommanager to fix the roms to the correct version of mame, VERY EASY. PS i think u can use BOOTMii to auto load MAME for Wii 🙂


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