Halo 5: Game Night "Red Rover" & "Death Run"

*This Game Night was recorded Sunday, August 21st 2016*

Here we are again! With another couple of AMAZING maps/gametypes for our entertainment!
To start we have “Red Rover” by DarthHuman, a well-known game mode and an equally known creator who has made some brilliant customs! And secondly we have “Death Run” by flashplayer911. HUGE shout-out and thank you to both of these players! The games played and their maps can be found either in their bookmarks, as well as mine! 🙂 Feel free to download and enjoy!


Halo 5 Game Night Playlist:





Songs Used:

Intro: Lensko – Circles (NCS Release)

Outro: Lensko – Cetus (NCS Release)

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45 thoughts on “Halo 5: Game Night "Red Rover" & "Death Run"

  1. stop playing with all these squeakers it hurts my ears, like a bunch of rubber ducks squeaking at the same time

  2. Warning there may be so,e strong language through out this video that some viewers my fined offensive so have a nice fucking day 😂😂😂

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