How To Become a Game Animator


Do you want a job making animation for video games? Here’s a step-by-step guide to pursuing a game animation career!
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Written and produced by Daniel Floyd

Special thanks to:
-Carrie Floyd
-Mike Jungbluth
-Simon Unger
-Lana Bachynski
-Dan Lowe
-Eric Luhta
-Gwen Frey
-Jonathan Cooper
-Michael Azzi
-David Gibson
-LeeLee Scaldaferri
-Kristjan Zadziuk
-Jason Shum
-Joanne Bath

♪ “The Skeleton that is Sans” by Faseeh Udeen

♪ “Ocarina of Time” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Mipha’s Touch Remix” by Bknapp

♪ “Oath to Order” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Hateno Village” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Observation Post Remix” by Bknapp

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♪ “The 10,000 Year Old Legend Remix” by Bknapp

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♪ “Secret of the Forest” by Bknapp

♪ “Phantom of the Rose” by Bknapp

♪ “A lot of Things” by Pokérus Project

♪ “Dating Start!” by AZODi


This episode features samples of animation work by:
-Jesse Davis
-Mariel Cartwright (Kinuko)
-David Gibson
-Andrew Wilson
-Dennis Pena
-Gwen Frey
-Raul Ibarra
-Nicolas Leger
-Alexander (Sasha) Hush
-Cole O’Brien
-Tina Nawrocki
-Ray Crook
-James Benson
-Richard Lico
-Joe Han
-Stephen Eusibio
-Christoffer Andersen
-Saul Latorre
-Monica Ramirez
-Peter Hecker
-Nick Kondo
-Martina Speciale
-Iza Springintveld
-Michael Azzi
-Lu Nascimento
-Jay Baylis
-Adam Riches
-Pedro Medeiros
-David Vince
-Richard Oud
-Adam Turnbull
-Travis Howe
-Jack Ebensteiner
-Jason Shum
-Ivan Otdelnov
-Daniel Floyd
-Yu Ho Joong
-Scott Dickey
-Kevin Rucker
-Eric Luhta
-Jitaik Lim
-Ilya Mozzhukhin
-Ayoub Moulakhnif
-Kseniia Kutsenko
-Eleonora Bertolucci
-Chris Goodall
-Federico Abib
-Omair Fuertes Martín
-Elena Nájar
-Milt Kahl
-Jonathan Cooper
-Naceri Lu
-Glen Keane


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  1. I'm glad you used no Zelda music in th background. I really hate this music. But I enjoyed this other tipe of music.


  2. Very informative video. We keep watching your videos and it always brings new information to us. We also try to generate a lot of original and informative videos for the benefit of Indian AVGC community. Please watch the latest video of Q&A Session on Gaming Industry and give your valuable suggestions. URL –

  3. I have way too many questions for getting into 3D animation, like what level should I rely on software. I guess I should learn how to bounce a ball by hand before using a physics engine to speed up the animation.
    Also whats the difference between a CGI film studio & a game company, you said you got hired at Pixar Canada for your first job, can you go into more detail?
    I think you need a part 2 to this video.

  4. This advice was really interesting! I know I don't want to be a professional animator, but I've been trying to figure out how to do it as a hobby (mostly bc I LOVE historical clothes, and I wanna stylise and animate them in motion someday, like moving portraits), so it was helpful to know how people get their start.

  5. I used to draw a lot when I was younger but stopped and this is making me want to get into animation. But I’m 31 now, it feels too late. :

  6. I made my own (currenrlty rough and not polished) animations for my fighting game.
    The goal is to make these look powerful !

  7. Hi, Im 13 and im really into Game Design and Animation, it is my DREAM to work with videogames, i have been looking into a tun of stuff over this year, and i want to know where u think the best start for someone my age would be?

  8. The mountain metaphor at the end made me sad. But I know it’s worth it. It really is an enjoyable process.

  9. Excellent video! I only wish this was available back when I was looking for guidance on how to become a 3D character animator for video games.

  10. I am just Starting please can you share your email or something with which i can contact you , really need some guidance on some topics. please sir.

  11. thankyou very much sir. I really appreciate the effort you made. There is too less knowledge about this stuff a proper guidance is very necessary nd u did it all. last night i was just thinking about it but just dont know where to start my journey and thus i came across ur channel. It really helped me alot. I am bit nervous about choosing this field cos there's no grantee that i would be there or not. I am just Starting please can you share your email or something with which i can contact you , really need some guidance on some topics. please sir.

  12. I've wanted to b an animator for a long time, I'd assume that game animators get paid more and are in higher demand. So that's how I found this!!!

    And yeee I have completed a few steps! I like 2D and I have gotten so good for the 2-3 years I have been pushing myself, the more I animate the faster improve!

    And this video was so helpful!!! Especially right now where I have to pick the right HSC stuff and find the correct courses at University for my future!! I don't know what I wanna be, but i rlly enjoy animation Soo this video!! Was so!!!! Helpful!!! Yeeeee

    My best animations yet will be on my yt, so if you want to see what stage I'm at there's that 🙂

  13. Step two: "Become good at it"

    no joke though good video and good advice. A few months back I started making a game completely alone. Since then Ive become pretty good at literally all of these skills, I sorta had too in order to have a chance to make this game a reality. Animating was certainly one of the harder parts.

  14. I searched this video up because I wanted to make a 3D cinematic animation for a call of duty film. Any tips??

  15. Do most animators create the assets they animate themselves? Where do they find assets to work with animating?


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