How to Convert Galaxy Note 3 into Note 7! [DarkLord ROM]


Here’s a how to convert your Galaxy Note 3 into Note 7 using DarkLord ROM! Root Required!

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    I tried, I use only a few hours, I found these errors.
    1) brightness issues(brightness 0% and screen sleep and automatically increase brightness when the screen on, but showing brightness level 0%)

    2) keyboard very very very slow

    3) always coming force app stopped pop message
    (wait, close message)
    4) call app very very very very slow

  2. is it need to the kernel for Korean note 3 version(n900s)?
    I tried both with/without kernel
    1st I tried without kernel file…first time reboot time too much after appear welcome window phone is suddenly reboot with unfortunately UI has stopped. after restart again ran well and worked well.
    I followed all step and tried with kernel file. after install kernel file automatically come to download mode and not work


  3. for Canadian note 3's this is what I did to make it smooth no more over heat and lag but battery still drains I erased everything thing completely off the phone using twrp format data make sure everything is deleted even internal storage then re transfer just the darklord rom and kernel zips then flash rom I found a repack somewhere flash that one as well then the kernel then reboot phone I did how ever encounter an error trying to transfer the files over using of twrp so I just flashed the newest twrp to transfer everything over then re flashed the old version of twrp to install everything I know its a pain and souds like a lot of work but truth be told it works oh and even if its a Canadian model set up as internantional for somereson this rom doesn't like us canadians

  4. +Max Lee For some fked up reason mine goes into a splashloop every time i flash it. The flash is successful. I didnt do a dirty flash. I have TWRP version AND IT STILL SPLASHLOOPS!!! Please help me out mate IM INDESPEARATE NEED OF YOUR HELP!!!

  5. Does this rom work for SM-N900 exynoxs International version. Please reply because my current rom is not working properly.

  6. I did everything as said on Note 3 N9005, but while running ROM file phone went black and didn't enter the Installer. Full battery phone not responding to any manipulation. Tried with spare battery, same result after running ROM file process to the end, yet before entering Installer.

  7. not work with my galaxy note 3 sm-n9005. You istruction are not good.
    In your video you have used more fast the steps for installar rom and kernel but i don't understand very well.


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