How to get the ROG Gaming Center For Free ( Working )


Is the download link down? Tell me in the comments and i will update the link as soon as possible!

Download link:

Setup does not work? Try the files:

Make a folder in the following path: C/Program Files (x86)/ASUS
Paste the folder there, maybe it works.

Credits to: U2Desire ( )


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This was used on the laptop Asus ROG GL553VD.

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  1. Hey dude! I have the driver installed but when I press the ROG KEY it seems to not open. I reinstalled it over 3 times and it seems to not work. It worked before. Please help!

  2. In my case, GPU could not be find. Fan was nowhere to be seen and all the data was off… I stumbled upon the solution when fixed the keyboard lights shortcuts using Asus ATK Package.

  3. Hello, My ROG randomly quits working from time to time and I have to re download it. Is there a reason for this?

  4. Hi! I got a problem with the result, the gaming center wont open with the key neither read my CPU or GPU performance. Any idea? :s
    Great video by the way! Really liked the audio quality

  5. For the who can't see fanboost option. I have done theese and worked fine: Install all drivers(ATK, Touchpad for your model in asus website) also check framework updates) and download 2.0.3 gaming center

  6. My friend I installed it and the Rog nor the Fan buttons are not working. I did open the gaming centre but nothing I click on does nothing.

  7. I installed the program my laptop is ASUS G551JW and on this program I do not have inflated profiles 1,2,3 how to set them up so that they will be the same to me as you in the video?

  8. Hey man, this worked for me but it doesn't give me an option to adjust fan speed and it doesn't even tell me my pc's temperature.

  9. thank u soo much sir ive got my gaming center again may i ask sir my gpu and cpu wont show up sir what do i do to make it display? thank u again sir


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