How to install Android on Windows Phone! | Nokia Lumia 520/1/5/6, 620 & 720 | Android4Lumia Official


Only devices in the title of this video are supported, don’t ask for others!

*** Newer WP Internals versions can be used!!!
*** at 12:00, make sure you have Windows hidden folders shown***

Android4Lumia website for ROM and TWRP downloads:

OneDrive Link:

The link to the thread if you want to restore to Windows Phone:

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  1. ** READ! ** updated Jan 2020
    Android4Lumia website for ROM and TWRP downloads. The website has all the info you need, built AFTER the tutorial was created:
    Unofficial touch can work thanks to TBM13, check XDA: Windows Phone Internals 1.2 is still recommended at this time due to the latest versions having bugs with x2x devices!
    ** DO NOT REPLY TO THIS COMMENT FOR HELP, there is plenty of info if you look in the comments already! **

  2. And how I can download and I install the windows phone 7 OS on my phone?? 😞 I miss the old days 😣

  3. Hello Captain. This is Charles from Orlando. Sorry i posted the request in the wrong place. I have 23 Nokia Lumia 521phones with Windows. Can I ship them to you so you can convert them to Android for me ? Let me know if it is possible Text me @ 407-694-1002 Thank you

  4. olá, sou do brasil tenho um lumia 520, iniciei o procedimento mas após o backup algo deu errado o cmd fechou, como faço para restaurar o backup?
    hello, i'm from brazil i have a lumia 520, i started the procedure but after the backup something went wrong the cmd closed, how do i restore the backup?

  5. Hola tengo una consulta instale la ROM i no me funciono a lo mejor ise algo mal pero mi pregunta es como puedo volver al sistema de nokia por que al prender la pantalla me Aparece en negro y el teléfono vibra y no ASE nada mas como puedo desbriquiarlo se te agradese espero tu respuesta saludos

  6. I crashed my Lumia guys, now there is no system on it. I would like to know if someone have had the same issue or if someone know how I can fix it or where I can take it for fixing

  7. Hey I'm a bit stuck with this process. My first 520 made it to the .cmd file and then says "WinUSB in use" and keeps exiting with error 84000. For this I followed these instructions exactly except for using wpinternals 2.8 (newest atm) rather than 2.3 or 1.2. It is recognised as android by my pc but the screen remains blank.
    My second 520 bluescreens on startup after the flash screen done in Win Phone Internals, but im pretty sure this is because i didnt wipe it first.
    Just wondered if anyone could help fix either of my problems

  8. Hi bro
    I had rooted my nokia lumia 720 but it was not supporting any sim card then by mistaken i formated the phone drive now there's only twrp installed in it but i am not able to install anything it it can you help me fix this issue?
    or any other wayout ?

  9. hi good video !! a question this process does not affect the equipment line ?? mine is movistar or telcel thx


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