How to Play Bakugan 2018


How to play the new Bakugan (advanced rules only). I’ll be showing you a guide and an example of how to play the new rules from the cartoon series Bakugan Battle Planet.

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  1. NOTES:
    I WAS WRONG! All three of your Bakugan can be Ultra. Thank you, Ventus Knight.
    1. No, you cannot play with your old Bakugan. The old Bakugan are smaller and they affect gameplay.
    2.If your Bakugan opens due to it connecting to a BakuCore, but it loses that BakuCore, then that is legal. You still Brawl, you just don't get any extra effects from the BakuCore.
    3. During a Team Attack, you only include the extra damage from the BakuCores you've collected. NOTHING ELSE!
    4. I don't feel like I explained STOP cards well-enough. It doesn't stop ALL the damage, it stop THE REST of the damage.
    5. If a BakuCore sticks to your Bakugan, and it doesn't open, then it's still legal and it Brawls.
    6. The cards are standard size.
    7. You can place any card as an energy card.
    8. You don’t HAVE to place down a card for energy if you don’t want to.
    9. Yes, you do keep the BakuCores your Bakugan collected after you win a brawl. Only after a Team Attack do you replace the BakuCores.
    10. You can only place one energy card per turn.
    11. Turn order goes: Draw, Energy Phase, Roll, Brawl, Victory Phase, Damage Phase, End of Turn.
    12. You are allowed to use any of your cards on any Bakugan. The factions are only a restriction while deck-building (you can use your Aquos card on your Pyrus Dragonoid).

  2. Disclaimer, I don't play Bakugan and I haven't seen the anime. Question, is there a "low matrix"? cause the name high matrix sounds really cool but made me wonder if there was a low one, thinking something around the dark dimension, like a place were you brawl but it doesn't have the same guidelines? I just thought it… wondering if that was a thing

  3. Dude, I've been so hesitant to try out the new bakugan game just because of the old bakugan, but thanks to your video, I'm going to be playing this now. It's honestly way better.

  4. My sister bought me and my brother bakugans individually. And none of us have 41 cards each. Does that mean I have to buy the cards at Kmart. Sorry to ask but I’m 16 and I use to play the old one bakugan so I don’t quite understand the proper rules

  5. You know some people ask why the original bakugan has no quick play that’s because the original game was basically quick play it was an excuse to buy toys

  6. After watching and reading the pinned comment, I get it now. I was wondering why alot of the players have or use three differing factions. Its not bad, but personally, I prefer if the cards are faction specific. No using Aquos on Pyrus Bakugan, except flip as long as you had one of the same faction as a bakugan. Only question now is how and when do you evolve a Bakugan?

  7. "Do you want to agree to fix this one?" "Sure."


    gee thanks

  8. So far, my only problem with the reboot is how complicated the Ability Card system is. Before, you needed 3, now you need 40, and it seems like a lot of them don't get used. I guess the main thing I don't get is how Energy and Damage work, as well as the effects some cards have.

  9. Thanks for the video. It helped me a lot to get started. I hope you can answer me some question?
    – How many cards can be played (layed facedown in the energy section) during the energy phase?
    – Is there any online ressources to read up the basic and / or the advanced rules?

  10. This is YGO with extra stuff and most of the bakugan species…neet? BUT WHERE'S SUBTERRA?!


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