How to Unbrick/ Fix Bootloop/ Revert Back to Stock ROM Asus Zenfone 5,6


How to Unbrick/ Fix Bootloop Asus Zenfone 5,6
WARNING – Guys Don’t use the new Kitkat firmware it seems the firmware has a corrupt recovery and you won’t be able to access your recovery any more so Use Kitkat

Disclaimer- Kindly Follow the Instruction Step by Step as shown in the video one wrong command or move will further hard brick your phone and Geeki Review Channel will Not be responsible for the Damage. So Proceed at Your Own Risk.
The Method shown in the video can also be used to downgrade your phone to any previous version.(But the Version should have its recovery & fastboot/droidboot.img)

Kindly Note – to get to Recovery mode on Lollipop you need to press power + volume up button together. Unlike in Kitkat were you have to press volume up + down together to enter recovery mode.

Important note for People Reverting Back from Custom Rom to stock ROM (eg. from cm13 to Kit Kat) your bootloader will lock automatically once you follow the procedure in this video so no need to separately lock your bootloader

Download Unbrick Kit By Clicking on the either of the Link Below-
Link 1-

Link 2-

Asus firmware official download instruction-

Visit the below link-

Under Select Your Product-

Click on “product series”
Select “Zenfone”

Click on “Product Model”
Scroll all the way down
Select “ZenFone_A501cg” for Zenfone 5

On the right Side “Driver & Utility” Option will appear
Click on it

Click on show all and download the appropriate firmware with the right sku for your phone.

Download Link for minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.3.1_setup.exe works for 32bit & 64bit this is for those people who have not Installed ADB drivers before bricking their phone. After installing this restart your Pc or Laptop Once

Note- If you are Facing issue
1) While following the 4th Command its due to ADB Drivers so download & install Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool(minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.3.1_setup.exe) from Above link.

2) Also Make sure that You need a Firmware prior to the Firmware you were on eg- if you bricked your phone On WW_3.24.40.78 you shoud use any firmware before it(any previous version) like i used a WW_22.40.54. Make Sure the firmware has Recovery.img & Fastboot/Droidboot.img file.

Download Lollipop Recovery.img for Version WW SKU for Asus Zenfone 5

Click on Above Link Select Android as operating system and click on firmware

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  1. Hi brother, your video is really simple, thanks for making. I have a query though. I have got Zenfone 5Z , on Android 10. It fell and I can't say if it is bricked, but it went on a boot loop, it worked till my home screen, then freezed and restarted, and so it went on and on. I hard resetted it through recovery mode, now its gets to the fresh startup part of phone, but i cant get beyond the select language and wifi option , and it restarts again. Basically still on bootloop. SO, I am thinking may be flashing any earlier STOCK ROM could help in this. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS COULD WORK. FYI, I have never rooted my phone, always been on stock ROMs.

  2. i bricked my phone on factory reset after it was stuck on Asus logo and after your third command recovery mode is failed to open. it restarts with usb logo. Please help.

  3. Does this work for Zenfone selfie? I have the same problem but Normal boot is not showing up. But fast boot is.
    Will that work?

  4. Hi


    a customer of mine brought an asus ZS570kl into the shop to be replaced by the display, which had not been used for some time, forgot the unlocking sign.

    I try to put it in recovery mode: (holtùd key pwr + volume -)


    comes out androind lying and under no command !!

    I try to quickly press Vol + + Vol – but the menu does not exit.

    can you give me a solution

    thank you!


    thank you


  5. Thanks much mate! My primary phone (Pixel) battery died and the battery will take some time to arrive in the U.K. I had my mum's ASUS, couldn't bring it back to life. If I hadn't found this tutorial, I was running an archaic Blackberry (really hated that). Thanks once again.(:

  6. Hi I suppose it is the same steps for an ASUS ZS570Kl but obviusly with it's firmware not these, but I can't find the fastboot file for it and the recovery file for the ASUS ZS570KL can you help me with that please.

  7. Dude when select recovery and press Power key it restarts but doesn't show the dead android instead it an android with hexagonal shape and a blue – line running bellow what to do

  8. Bro, it's showing in the command window, after pasting the first command, "waiting for phone". Please help!

  9. bro I installed rom n it didn't start.. even restore back is show unable to mount.. I wanna switch back to stock rom… I can go to bootloader but not recovery because I'm having twrp installed… I typing commands in bootloader… any way to remove twrp? n in brick … it's not installing any rom now

  10. When i tried to all steps, i got the error:

    Erasing old dictonary….
    symlink: some symlink failed.
    return code 0E:Error in /tmp/
    (Status 7)
    E: fota_return_code 409
    installation aborted.
    E:cant open /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:cant open /cache/recovery/last_install
    E:cant open /cache/recovery/last_update-script.log

    Zenfone 6 – ASUS_T00G_WW_user_2.22.40.47_20151120_29

  11. my asus zenfone 5 shows the unknown device in win 7 PC device manager…..can't open in pc…help me how to resolve this…ADB drivers installed…but when I connect mobile charging works ok….but at the taskbar, it shows "USB does not recognize"….after factory reset .. the same issue occurs

  12. You are the man! Have a TF103C Transformer tablet that crashed and followed your steps using the firmware for the TF103C on the ASUS website. Worked like a charm, thanks so much bro!

  13. It was useful sering your video, kindly let know i have flashed my A500CG using of Asus flash tool, but at the end of processing on the handphone's display error' as follows:
    cmd partition using gpt
    e:gpt failed: adde:oem partition command failed, retval=-1 val=-1
    Kindly could you please help me accordingly sir??

  14. sir, i've followed all the steps that you showed but when it comes to adb sideload, it becomes 'total xfer 0.00' how to fix this sir?

  15. i have asus zenfone 6 a600cg

    my phone is stuck in asus logo

    i cant go into recovery mode to hard reset it
    pressing vol up and power just brings it back to the same asus logo screen

    please guide me in this case

  16. Sir every times I upgraded my Zenfone 5 into Lollipop or Lineage 14.1.2 from running Kitkat, both the SIM card does not detect it shows that Sim UNAVAILABLE and as I downgrade it into Kitkat back and after that both SIM card detected and runs good, now I want to know what is that issue and how to fix it.

  17. Since my asus zenfone 5 running Lineage 14.1.2 and I am trying it revert back to Kitkat and after third command process my phone goes into recovery mode but problem start here that pressing and releasing upper volume and lower volume key there nothing happen and I could not go forward my phone restarts in Lineage. Please help again…

  18. Go the step 4 and loading fail at 53%, after that i do it again and my phone got another problem is USB logo has appeared. why ?

  19. my asus fonepad 8 is stuck on boot loop,i could nt format through stock recovery mode..adb flashing didnt there any other way to make it work again as before?

  20. i hv installed lineage on my zenfone 2 , used it for few months , while doing factory reset phone goes to twrp screen now stuck there, phone doesnt install lineage and gapps again , while installing it shows successful but still goes to twrp ,, can u psl help?

  21. Hi bro… I have a problem on my zenfone 5 which is the "setting" icon gets corrupted & turned into "com.settings". So what I did every time to fix this is manually upgrade or downgrade my OS but few days ago I got this issue again & I turned off my phone to safe mode and after that my phone is not starting up it keeps showing me asus logo. I had never ever installed ADB drivers on my lapy before this ( And also I never rooted or flashed – custom roms on my phone in past )
    Can u plz guide me ? Coz I had not installed ADB drivers before this bootloop issue..


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