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The LG Magic Remote makes clicking, pointing, scrolling and using voice commands fun and easy. And with webOS 3.0’s intuitive Smart TV Launcher menu that pulls together all of your entertainment, the Magic Remote really does put everything at your fingertips. Change the channel. Search for something new. Operate your connected devices. You can even use the unique LG Voice Mate™ speech recognition feature to find what you need. Now you can spend less time navigating confusing menus and juggling remotes. Ready to learn how to use your LG Magic Remote? Watch this quick video and then grab your Magic Remote and get ready to make the most of your entertainment experience.
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  1. Hello sir, I have lg webos 49" uhdtv LM6360PTB (2015 model) with lg magic remote MR15. I have problem with remote. After all types of try I didn't found pointer on my screen. so i didn't use all facilities which connected through pointer. i can use magic remote as a normal function. Second problame is when i press scrolling wheel, i found a notification on tv screen that "Bluetooth service needs to initialise" Can anyone help me for solution for this problem ? my email is Thank you.

  2. I dare you to try and eliminate unwanted channels when you scroll through the channels using the up and down arrows on the UNmagic remote control. And that damn pointer that just pops up whenever it wants to……arughhhhhhh!! This has to be one of the worst remote controls around.

  3. The red light on the power button dosn't switch off. At the same time, there is this thing that says, "You can use your Magic Remote to control your set-tip box. Do you want to continue?" If we press no, the question appears again. If yes, it's directed to the device connector, but the question is still there. How is that resolved?

  4. My LG smart tv costing ₹71000 lasted only for 26 months. LG also cheats on warranty. LG does not support.

  5. My majic remote will not change the channel. I have to use my comcast remote for channel changing. What is wrong?

  6. I have the new LG TV Remote AKA (Magic Remote) I put the batteries in and the remote and it flashes 3 times but all the buttons don't work It's not broken it's just all the buttons don't respond even the wheel. PLEASE HELP ME

  7. How can I bring up the home menu, and launch an app wothout using the remote? The wireless module in the TV has gone faulty again, and I want to watch netflix until it's collected.


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