Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out Valir, I mean Human Torch Johnny.

On the first look, I thought this guy’s skills we’re pretty basic, but it turns out there’s a bit of trick to it.

You need to make use of his combo to get that burst damage.
You need his first skill to hit an enemy hero first before you can use his ultimate. So that’s an important factor you need to remember.
If you miss your first skill, you can’t use your ultimate and will have to wait for the Cool down of your first skill.
So if you’re gonna jump into a clash, make sure that first skill hits.

Also, your second skill can be used two times.
On the 2nd time, it will create a triangle cage of fire that explodes, dealing more damage.
The size of the triangle depends on the positioning of your first and second dash.

And, your second skill can actually reset it’s cool down, this means you can dash up to four times, which is really helpful in setting up your damage in clashes, or dodging their attacks.
However, there is a requirement so that your second skill can reset.

And it’s hitting them with your second skill, right after hitting them with your first skill.
Again guys, for the second skill cool down to reset, you have to hit them with the first skill, then second skill.
So that’s basically 4 dash, and two cage of fires if you were able to pull it off.
Just remember that the mark of the first skill only lasts for 7 seconds.
But to be honest, that seems long enough to pull off the combo.

The most ideal Combo for this guy, is First skill, ultimate, then second skill and if you’re fast enough, you can add in another second skill.
Pulling this off in a huge team fight where your opponents are clumped together is just awesome.

Oh and just a quick tip, this guy drains a lot of energy in the beginning of the game, so make sure to buy at least one or even maybe two, Energy Core. It’s basically a mana regen.

You’re first skill is a great way to poke damage at your opponents, so having that bit of mana regen really helps.

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  1. Correction:-
    His skill 2 does not require CD if it his enemy and it can be used unlimited time not only 2 times

  2. 3:02
    Torch: I'll take down this iron boy.
    Iron man: Im your team mate bro. Im from avenger.

    Small Map problem 😂

  3. Thank you elgin for introducing this game to me because I think I need a little break from ML still too much cancers and I got scammed and got power of wilderness (hilda) in my 100 dias recharge

  4. Please make video how to playing in top line, mid line, bot line. I'm noob player and sorry my English suck 😆


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