Install Galaxy Note 10 Rom For Galaxy Note 3


In today’s video we’ll be taking a look at how to install Note 10/S20 Rom for Galaxy Note 3.

Prerequisite of installing the Rom:

* The base rom has now been updated to Android 10 so you will be getting the download link of Android 10 based Havoc rom unlike what’s shown into the video.

* Kindly, Download the base rom along with gapps pico version (ARM) based for Android 10.
After downloading the rom and gapps, save them up onto your device.

* Rest of the procedure regarding installation of Note 10 theme is exactly as shown in the video.

For download resources, kindly visit:

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  1. This video has been re-uploaded with the updated version of base rom, Android 10.
    Kindly, go through the description to learn more about it.
    Thank You

  2. can you explain this. updater process ended with Error: 255 twrp updater process ended with error 255 error installing zip file '/sdcard/'

  3. I am already on havoc OS and want to update it to the latest OS. Can you make a video on the backup methods before installing the new ROM?

  4. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Exynos ha3g version of the Galaxy Note 3. Is there a recent custom rom for this version as the hlte rom doesn't work on my device?

  5. Bro thanks for tips
    But want to know about cellular data work.

    It is working or u guys only showing after installation videos not showing after installation install other app like any game application then show to us want see that one.

    After installation of custom rom how device will work.

    And also want to k ow about heat/ temperature.

    Answer if you try this things😅.

  6. how we can update n7505 to android 10 or update n7505 with new rom 2020 cause no one in youtube explain this, Thank you

  7. how we can update n7505 to android 10 or update n7505 with new rom 2020 cause no one in youtube explain this, Thank you

  8. this process is not working for me on my Note 3 SM-n900. if it should work on it then tell me. and also tell which Havoc ROM to install on it????????????


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