ION Audio Game Day Unboxing & Review!


In this video I will go over ion audio game day, it has lots of features, way more than any other regular speaker out there witch gave it my attention. Now why buy a speaker for just the fancy features right? You would like it to sound as good as those features do, no worry it has amazing sound quality as well. So in conclusion it is a great all around speaker and it is a excellent option if you are in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker.

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  1. During the video when I am going through the function of each button I accidentally said that the minus and the plus button was volume up and down. The only uses for those buttons are to tune, track and to seek for the radio the master knob controls the general volume. Sorry for the confusion.

    love the support, keep it up. Also another things about this video is that the packaging is not retail, it’s from a refurbish group called VIP Outlet. They have plenty of grate tech items that are always on sale, be sure to check them out.

  2. Thank you for your review .I need your help .Where can I possibly find a replacement mic or can I get a wireless mic that will work for this product .Thanks

  3. Bought this with your recommendation a year or so ago. I'm pretty amazed at the sound level and quality of sound. I now have 2 of them. First one was $59. Bought the second one for $39. Both on clearance at Walmart. Both still rocking with no issues. Thanks for making this review! 👍

  4. Just got a car recently and radio doesn’t work and I don’t wanna drop cash on a new stereo and new speakers so I figured I’d buy one of these. Thank you for reviewing this

  5. I use this same speaker for everything, very long lastic battery. Built nice and tough, ive dropped it and i bring it everywhere i go. Good work speaker, good against dirt amd dust. I throw this speaker in my trailer and it bounces around and its fine. The plastic will crack on top, it happend to mine but havent covered it up yet. 10/10 recomend

  6. Hey , so i bought this speaker a while ago and i been having a problem with it , every time i adjust the volume theres static is there any way I could fix this ?

  7. So I need a speaker I can take everywhere for mainly outside places. Like at a basketball park outside. Also a church event outside like paint wars and stuff. So I need it to be LOUD! Is this thing loud enough so people outside can hear it like very good from pretty far away? Bass, vocals, just like everything good? Mainly for outside events.


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